Imbibed, the Walls Bear Witness

Imbibed; the Walls Bear Witness.

By Martin Hanley. Copyright © 1-19-2014

In a city with no walls where she stands straight and tall…to siphon, slurp, guzzle and swill down the small. She’s a mover a sharer, concept, post modern blink. Ancient siren immortal, listener beware what you think. For her duties laid out clear, to spin you a line, confuse you, amuse you, then tell you its time.

So searching for someone from beyond her black veil, the sailor’s keel cankered the deep seas white whale. Golden egg scrambled, feast founder beware, our third lady sat once on those seven hills bare. Where impotent wolf and incubus failed, the shadow was chosen; serpent’s seed to avail.

With profile suave elegant and melancholy eye, her beauty lay hidden no one could deny. And roam the wild grotto ambrosia imbibed, her willow’d leaves withered where once the moon sighed. She danced curving towards him, her hair swaying low, with flesh suckled tender, she echoed the crow.

His back arched and lowered, the impulse’s now building to sow or to leave. Vaulted electric and arched high on heel so acute, magnificent and present their twin essence to congeal. The hidden behind her smile openly with glee another ships hand will soon be lost to the sea. No time to look back now the sands passed away, the gates swing wide open the piper to pay.

Cold sweat our dark raven was heavenly sworn with rosy lips tempting to tickle the thorn. Her swollen rouge draining to clean hope away, her face started straining sweet Arcadian delay. Fear eaten, fear swallowed however pronounced and leaves lie forlorn planets surge, vows renounced. Red glows the cool furnace behind debt’s hollow pain and cool river turning, she never knows shame.

The shadow was cast on the samite towers floor, a drained husk, a raw sinew no one could restore. And words spin forth easily to wry careless minds, devoured of all meaning over serpent’s lay line. Suckling root orbits that sway to and fro, her eyes fear no censure as the time came to go. Everlasting this moment skin glistened aglow, her bliss now forsaken, feast eaten, lust known.

Along the straight narrow bends round at great speed, a swaying off course, players beset by such greed. And vessels all empty, conceived their resource, saline beauty coils eagled celestial bodies divorce. The morning breaks early and light issues forth, a mother of lovers, no doubts, no recourse. Uncaring heart hidden, dark tender eyes warm, sly bent rendered senseless, no comfort the norm.

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