Smiling Statues Passing

Smiling Statues PassingSmiling Statues Passing by Martin Hanley

Beyond this faded curtain a final leaf settled and creeping with cold, an unforgiving reality rushed in; swallowing dreams that once glimmered from a distant past.

Swept aside by leering smiles that promised indigo futures, all certainty fluttered on faltering wings as a farcical expectation walked hand in hand with hope.

Now still in spaces vacant where once cognitive destiny’s were lodged and lost; coat tailed and triumphant, the virus still coils in celebratory sequential cycles.

An identity flitted away can only surrender; step back to recognize the recurring ripples of a sentient flaw.

As a cold dawn breaks, shivers plain and grasps for a hidden rational or a strand in time; as debts are claimed and the spoils divided.

Caught once in a philosophical battle yet choosing without fear to ignore the guile of those better skilled in subtle will, the result is carved in forsaken stone.

A perfect flaw once accommodated as eight half sentences were spoken to quell an arc igniting; and glowing ashes swept aside revealed smiling statues passing.

Invisible gestures still mocking as an inner truth bleeds and soon separate lives once tethered disengage; to vanish like a tear filled storm that once threatened.

Copyright ©Martin Hanley 3/5/2014

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