The Dragon’s Breath

The Drago's BreathThe Dragon’s Breath by Martin Hanley 

What are you afraid of? She whispered into the night. That someday soon I’ll cease to exist, without your guiding light. What’s out beyond the stars? she pleaded; what hides within our soul? The night smiled gently and whispered, a subtle frequency inscribed upon a secret scroll.

And it is everywhere and it is everything, this sacred serpent within this immortal ring. It has no other equal, it has no other match, a vital essence waiting, to dance it longs to hatch. Its roar is heard on the winds that blow and its breath strikes gently like the driven snow.

Yes, it’s everywhere and it’s found in everything; a shadow that shimmers in the coolest mountain spring. It sways and glides beneath the oceans and above the seven seas; yet none can own it; for in the end it must be forever free. The Dragon has now awoken to listen and heed your call. The highest of your walls will shake, then crumble, tumble and fall.  

Copyright (c)Martin Hanley 3/17/2014

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