The Universe in a Tear

The Universe

The Universe in a Tear By Martin Hanley

 As daylight blinds and shadows shine

Slumber awakes the mariner’s crime

No more in dust our trust consumed

No more the Siren’s song entombed

As science uncoupled the Piper’s chain

Who knew the Archer had set his aim

The woods grow feeble, the oceans strong

The king of birds sang one last song

And you who come to hear it soon

Will turn your backs; crave another tune.


For hearts that know no kindness still

As Winter shrieks, its voice grows shrill

The machines forsaken

The Universe in a tear

For glory and gloom, for most another beer

A soul murmuration of thoughts flies home

Still searching for Hope’s sweet song alone

For all shall dance together soon,

No song is heard no melody in tune.

A wind of change in the east gathers near

When a stranger comes some call him Queer

As acres green grow silent still

All wonders free at last through will

For now its timely to seek a cave inside

Copyright © Martin Hanley 2014

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