Skerries; you no lady

 Mairtin O Hanley Skerries; you no lady.

Skerries; You No Lady by Martin Hanley

(Skerries is old Norse and old Gaelic for sharp Rocks)

Sharp with rocks, where tearful timbers crashed.
Preparing to land.
Beneath me times thread tightens, as waves reclaim an ancient path.
Never enter the same truth twice.
Always taking like some worn out love affair.
Skerries; you no lady.
A tender light sways beneath me as a swollen shadow anchors ashore.
Northern dreamers flock to you late in their evening.
Yet seldom stay where Patrick walked.

Running in they think they hold you; even own you.
But like a golden thread you unravel their fate.
Skerries; you no lady.
Forever watching a fading horizon, you never let them go.
And so dancing alone they become your whispered voice.
Drinking in deep the oncoming reflection of a Siren’s eyes.
Yet few will ever know your smile.

© all rights reserved Martin Hanley March 17 th 2015

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