The Flame

Pyromaniac by smallvillian

The Flame by Maria Fokas

Like an Empress of Time, the Flame distorts the mind, dancing her seductive dance, as the wood crackles with each breath. But who keeps track of what is lost, as time goes by. The walls kindle in deep maroon, and time stands still again, then disappears into a darkness, and I dream of impossible things; of distant oceans, under the seas, with gentle crests of endless waves. Soft ripples that caress the sand, then retrieve back into the sea with a soft melody – hidden in the stir of the flame:

In a world far away from here
I look beyond the deep blue sea
And as the sun sets,
I light a fire with dreams and desires
And I wait in silence, for your return 

Everything begins to fade away –

Silence, with its many masks,
Claims to know the truth.
But after all the time we bore,
You and I should know,
That silence with its cunning smile
Never spoke, of promises worthwhile.


 Photo Credits: Pyromaniac by Smallvillian

5 thoughts on “The Flame

  1. I know of the flame and silence you so eloquently, poetically describe. I also know another Flame and a deeper, higher, broader, more expansive Silence, a stillness that shines with unmanifest Light, that consumes all that breaks promises, consumes the shadows, consumes the stealer of joy, the killer of dreams and the destroyer of promises; that manifests into visible Light; promises fulfilled and manifested. May you be richly blessed, more than you could ever ask or imagine and may the deepest desires of your heart be activated and brought to fruition.

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    1. Thank you for your precious and spiritual thoughts! The flame I refer to is a metaphor for yearnings, and when I receive such replies, I do believe in miracles. But the silence, so frequently uttered with positive connotations, that one, I’m not so familiar with, since my silent voice is never silent 🙂 what I’m referring to causes undeserved pain, becuase of pride and fear of exposing weakness. Maybe silence comes from our surrendering to a higher being but I’ve always felt that to surrender, is to give up, and such path is strange to me.

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      1. Yes, I once had that fear as well; but the surrender is to everything that we were never created to be from the foundation of the world: God’s image and likeness that is Light without any darkness at all; perfect Love that casts out all fear, Life and Life more abundantly, Peace that surpasses understanding and keeps our heart and mind in Christ’s Light of pure Awareness of God; and fullness of Joy that no external circumstance or physical appearance can touch or sully. May our Abba Father’s Love pour into your heart through the Holy Spirit of God! Bless you!

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    1. we surrender all we were never created to be in the first place and we are given the full inheritance of Christ’s finished work of the cross: Life and Life more abundant, Love, Peace, Joy, right relationship, gentleness, goodness, kindness, patience, faithfulness, and self-control (fruit of the Holy Spirit of God! (what I type is being messed with, so excuse the multiple corrections) 🙂

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