Obscurity by Maria Fokas

A warm smile for me, before he got up, out of that old familiar wooden chair.

Could he be feeling the change too?

No matter what happened; when tomorrow came, I would leave, and he would eventually forget. I had seen the signs before, though this time, the illusion of forgiveness was not mentioned; or that aching pain brought on my false expectations. I wondered, did he ever have any?

Oh, who was I kidding, he was going to pretend he had none, just like I always did before. We both knew that expectations always lurked in the background; we had many talks about the consequences of mislead intentions; talks that took to the early mist of dawn.  

He turned to me, another smile; there it is: he will try to change me. It will happen, bit by bit, with his subtle play on words. He will promise me a better life, and I know what will happen next; A broken heart!

We will go our separate ways, without warning and, end up in each other’s past; with a few odd days of regret.

But what if I’m wrong . . . what if he stays?  It would be an amazing thing; if we could both want that.

And then that sweet smile again,

With a black cup of coffee in one hand and a steaming slice of apple pie in the other, he fought his way back, through the chaos of uncertainty.



© Photograph by Maria Fokas /All Rights Reserved –







4 thoughts on “Obscurity

  1. What a beautiful song!!! It feels so nice, it smoothes me..
    I love the phrase “the illusion of forgiveness”; it’s true that everyday we pretend to forgive mistakes of our loved ones, but deep down inside it hurts… Your last words, though, are the essence of love; trying and fighting despite the odds and the circumstances…
    While reading it, I felt like I was in a cafe, almost invisible, not able to hear the words but seeing the gestures and the look in your eyes and interpreting them ❤

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