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Don Charisma

THE NATURE OF TIME [by mariafokas]

How did we get to this dire point; not all at once, I suppose, but bit by bit, being too busy with life; drunk with regrets of the past and manipulated into worrying about the future. I don’t know what stand to take today. I tried writing this post so many times, stopped, and started, and stopped, and then back to the keyboard – and all I accomplished was to exhaust myself; you’d think it were a love letter, where I struggle to find the perfect words to make it work; while hiding the gore of bodies piling up without end as we speak –

Going back to the beginning of this virus, I started gathering information, believing it would help me and my loved ones. I watched and read everything about this novel virus. I even had an opinion about how governments of…

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2 thoughts on “THE NATURE OF TIME

  1. WOW! Maria, I love, love, LOVE it and I don’t mean that beautiful painting! You make a great point! I’ll be sharing it around. thanks, Barrie


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    1. Sometimes it only takes an image to know what needs to be said – Your artwork guided me Barrie. Thank you for giving me permission to use it, and without a second thought! Grateful XXX


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