A Journey in Time . . .

A journey in time is a project I started 5 years ago, which turned into a Trilogy of three books  (1) Immortal Pane (2) The Crow in my Head, and (3)  Pictures in the Attic. It all began with a question I asked myself in reference to the Gods. As most of my ancestors came from Greece, I speak of the Greek Gods. Having always been intrigued by mythology in every corner of the world, it was no difficult task to be lured into a world of ancient times.  So, I began my journey from my hometown in Thessaloniki (a region of Macedonia), Greece. I took an hour-drive to Mount Olympus, where the 12 Gods had resided, and there I asked Zeus my question.

As I had studied Psychology, it was difficult not to be contaminated by this science when reading stories. The core – self unfolds in the patterns of behavior, while also influenced by our social experiences in life. And I didn’t want to know more than that but unfortunate for me the science always interfered. Since I could not fight what I knew, I decided to put it to positive use. I was brought up with stories of Zeus and his world and astounded by the behaviors of the Gods for many years. So the idea was, if I were Zeus’ counselor what questions would I ask? 

To get those answers I had to find a way into their inner souls but to ask the right questions I had to acquire the knowledge needed for such a task, and that’s how my journey began. I spent 6 months at Bissell Library at ACT College. The purpose was to learn everything ever written in reference to my questions. But then something incredible happened. I found characters in our ancient world that though shaped the course of myth to its present form, these characters were never acknowledged. It was then that I knew this would be a life goal for me. I was going to attempt to give these characters the credit they deserved by giving them a voice to tell their story (the one taken from them) because for some reason they were forgotten in the mists of an ancient world.

When I was ready, I found a quiet corner in my home and began to write the story which evolved out of my journey. I cannot be sure whether it was out there waiting to be discovered, or nesting within, waiting for the right time to manifest. Nevertheless, my hope is to complete this project in the year 2014, and find a way to share it with the world. The truth is, sometimes I feel what I am writing is no myth at all but a true story eager to be told. If anyone was to question my certainty, my answer would not be a direct statement of the reason I believe what I write is actually true, but instead, I would invite anyone interested into this world to see for themselves.

At some point in our lives we reach a moment where we wonder about why we are here. Others look to Science, others to Art, many to Religion, and the ones I always respect the most, look to love.  In a world which at its very foundation gives you two distinct theories, (1) There is no meaning and you have to create it, and (2) There is a meaning but you have to find it, I cannot claim to be certain which one leads to the truth.

But what I have decided for my life is to give my all to restore the portion I discovered between the lines of story. Not because I feel it will better the future in some distinct way, but because I believe it is a truth that was buried in the ruins of the past. And a life lived, which made such a difference in our myths, I advocate that this life should neither be discarded, nor forgotten. My hope is that someday I can create the path for you to take this journey with me. I hope to succeed but if I don’t, I have no problem spending my life trying. Thank You for this visit!

Credits of photo: www.greatbigcanvas.com

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