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The Endless Bow

Maria Fokas New 4

                                              Photograph by Maria Fokas

The Endless Bow by Martin Hanley.

And all the gentle aching of times golden bow,
Returns never-ending like a flame ever spreading.
We are bound, bound in the everlasting bow.
Canny, the river that runs from the sea,
Runs to the hilltop, sweet nectar running free.
Holding the silence, gently they flow;
Cares drifting endlessly, together must go.

Bending the Oxbow as a new dawn is born.
Found within the circle the breaking light of morn.
Copyright © all rights reserved Martin Hanley January 8th 2016 –


Little Boats

little Boats MH 2

Little Boats by Maria Fokas

Little boats stippled along the horizon of a golden sea;
Inside my head, taintless journeys with innocent intentions –
Temporary moments that last forever; recurring with seasons’ comings
Tenuous threads that never break, beautifully wrapping wasted space in time
Lifeless obstacles beneath the surface; like a vice, never committed
Exempt from the fear of loss; I gather my drifted self –

Bereft of a farewell kiss; {up in the sky} clouds cover me like an ivory laced blanket;
On the day of the dead, my life begins with antithetical inclinations of love –
Autumn frosted maple leaves in bittersweet hues, will fall on ashen streets
Tomorrow, I will be between spaces of togetherness; like little boats –
Scattered specks of destinies, never traveled to . . .


© Maria Fokas 2015/All Rights Reserved – Photograph, and Title by Martin Hanley


martin hanley2


True success is to create a garden and be brave enough to sow some seeds with the firm knowledge that you may never see them bloom or taste their fruit . . .





Copyright © all rights reserved Martin Hanley August 19th 2015 – Photograph by Martin Hanley


Chasing Clouds 2

CHASING CLOUDS by Martin Hanley

Chasing clouds after the storm;
Soil and rock beneath my feet; damp –
A deep pungent reminder of her presence.
Silent beneath the golden vault;
Her glowing tresses stretch as far as the eye can see;
A ploughed field of glowing embers; glistening and transcendent.
Her eternal light; a reflection bound beneath a vanishing horizon:
Is it doubt?
All elements are present; confined within this infinite moment as one.
She stirs the azure blue,
To paint the gloomy asphalt anew;
Her darkness reveals a peculiar wondrous light.
No more strangers here, as future, past, and time itself dissolve –
Like a veiled, and distant cloudburst.
As dusk draws in –
She whispers a warning,
For all who have eyes to hear;

Copyright © all rights reserved Martin Hanley August 10th 2015 – Photograph by Martin Hanley

Crazy Love

never let go

Crazy Love by Maria Fokas and Martin Hanley

There is only ONE truth; that’s why so many people can’t face it . . .

+ There cannot be only one truth; think about it; the truth is an answer to a question, right?

– What makes the sun shine and the winds blow; indeed all things rest upon it; you are asking and answering the question yourself, but that is the secret of it . . .

+ Is it Love?

-Something stronger than gravity . . .the heart knows what the mind can’t fathom


© Maria Fokas, and Martin Hanley 2015/All Rights Reserved – Illustration by Maria Fokas

Dark with Sensuous Poetry


Dark with Sensuous Poetry by Martin Hanley

Immortal hope swells again as dominoes fall beneath your secret.
A hidden essence beneath a silky ocean of subtle infinities.
Calling and beckoning in secret groves;burning brightly through a thousand rays of darkness.

Teasing my senses, they swarm like spiraling columns of butterflies in Spring.
Light touching; electric coursing, caressing the curvaceous flow.
They sway and dance on the hushed pathways of morning air.

Dark with sensuous poetry leading me back to myself; towards those radiant falls.
Washing over me like musical notes, elegantly bound; revealing themselves to my touch, they’re freed. Ancient fire, enchanted flames of longing; burning brightly beneath your whispered embers.

Endless momentary moments, revealing an old truth that now lies far beyond all fear.
Your inner sanctum is soon revealed; the birthing of times forgotten flaw.
Let the beauty of your lines trace a path to me before the fading of the last dawn.

DARK SENSUOUS POETRY © all rights reserved Martin Hanley May 22nd 2015 – Photo Credits: “Danaïd” 1885 –Auguste Rodin (modeled after his assistant and lover, Camille Claudel)

I Know a Cat

my cat

I know a Cat by Martin Hanley
Dedicated to my old philosophical friend, Master Mouse Hanley

I sat there sweltering in a familiar fog; constipated with checking and weighted outcomes.
Languid landscapes with questioning answers; an unfocused portfolio has come undone.
Then, in he glides supreme; stretching out beneath the dappled light; now reclining.
Regally basking like some ancient achromatic shadow; he swallows the fallow sun.

Cold blooded catering alerted, a distant ringing or some obscure Sylvan echo, yet I hear none.
Starving for hidden treats that well versed others commonly disdain; he remains steadfast smiling. Forever glancing, my philosophical companion hops past the news feed;

What happened to Fat Freddy the rioter’s son? Lurking behind me, telepathic with emerald eyes deeply penetrating; he treads a seamless blurred line.Tail stepping out an endless rhythm, my straying little hunter retreats, licking his cultured paw as fortunate birds flutter beyond the treble glazing.

I know a Cat © all rights reserved Martin Hanley May 9 th 2015 – Photograph by Martin Hanley



Written in Darkness

Written in Darkness

Written in Darkness by Martin Hanley

Written in Darkness in the key of Light
Bound in a memory kept hidden out of sight
Golden the fissure, to mend the old anew
Where tall trees playfully whispered, of a paradise once true.

© all rights reserved Martin Hanley 05 15 2015
— at Ardgillan Castle & Demesne – Photography by Martin Hanley