Everything and Nothing

Apple of Discord

Peter Cakovsky Artwork

                 [Artwork Credits: Peter Cakovsky] 


Apple of Discord by Maria Fokas

Among the Gods,

There is no compassion.

A world crafted by a spotless mind,

Can have no keys to any gate –

Lust grows in their hearts,

To disguise their only need;

Among the Gods,

There is envy of mortality.

They sacrifice love for sensual intrigue,

To fool a mortal’s path.

But her mind was filled with scars; 

And her heart held his close; above all –

How unfortunate . . .

 That time was never on their side.


© Maria Fokas/May 3rd 2016/All Rights Reserved




Everything and Nothing – Day Three

The Art of Losing

Thought of the Day by Maria Fokas

The Art of Losing

– Elizabeth Bishop wrote: “The art of losing isn’t hard to master.”

With so much losing every day, it seems that we should be accepting it as an inevitable end; but we rarely do. Every time we fall in love with a moment, a unique person, or that life long accomplishment, its fragile end is always near; it seems.

– But what exactly is it that we grieve; the moment, the person, the accomplishment; or is it ourselves within that loss? Everything we’ve ever loved, and lost, has shaped us into who we are. So there cannot be a complete loss in losing; I keep telling myself.

– I am grateful for War, and Love Poets; they take refuge in the pain of losing, knowing our lives depend on it. We plunge into those worlds and embrace the darkness. When it’s war, we mourn, and when it’s love, it’s a beautiful depiction of life. With their words, we realize that we are not alone in our losing; maybe, we even give meaning to our loss.

A Poet’s muse marks a moment by opposing every norm of its time; it elevates love as the essence of truth, rendering it more precious within the element of loss.

But, about this destined precious existence with an inevitable end; I don’t want to master this art of losing.

© Maria Fokas/March 18th 2016/All Rights Reserved


Everything and Nothing – Day Two

eternal love 2

Thought of the Day by Maria Fokas

A Stolen Childhood 

Does life repeat itself? In the news this morning, I heard that bullying is now a criminal offense, but in the States, all those years ago, it wasn’t. No one likes talking about having been bullied. Sharing moments of being degraded is seldom comforting. Maybe it’s difficult to talk about things we believe we have no control over. Hearing the news brought back a memory; not as cruel in comparison to many stories out there, but to a nine-year old, there is no such thing as a comparison to a worse story.

My story has to do with a clan of three, and stones. For a long time, walking home from school was terrifying. When those stones hit my body, it would feel like bee-stings; I even pretended that they were – but what stung the most was their mocking giggles. They wanted me to cry, but I never gave them that. So many times, I wanted to turn around and face them, to ask them why, but I never did. And when I’d arrive home, my mother would always ask me the same question, and my reply would always be, “Fine” – And on random days, I wondered; which part was my fault.

Most people describe their childhood as the golden years. Does such a time exist? For me, it was a time I wanted to escape from; and although I went on to Junior-high, to become an all-star athlete, those detrimental moments built walls which never came down.

To a child, the first years of their life seems to drag on forever; We cannot assume that they’ll eventually ask for help. Children are not a miniature version of us; they live in a different world, which they eventually grow out of. And if you believe that their future is essentially determined by the University they’re accepted into, I beg to differ.

Catalytic moments: Go back; a child is creating sentences to discover meanings in an overwhelming world. Go back; a child can only feel their worth by looking into the eyes of others. Go back; your child cannot find the words to tell you that they are ashamed.

So it’s not when they’re choosing the majors of their University degrees which determines their future; it’s when you’re holding their hand as they’re struggling to belong to a world they don’t understand.

– Life doesn’t have to repeat the parts that are broken.

© Maria Fokas/March 9th 2016/All Rights Reserved –

Everything and Nothing – Day One

Eternal love 6

Thought of the Day by Maria Fokas

Happiness Abound

A simple thought I woke up to today. . . If you are not happy alone, you will probably never be happy with anyone else. A relationship is not meant to cater your wants, or to fill any black holes others may have scarred you with. A relationship is meant to celebrate the senses of life in the most imaginative ways, as you share yourself with another human being – to create paths together where there were none before – Now, that sounds like happiness! Let’s suppose this is the secret to every successful relationship, and see what happens; what do you think? Does it sound like I know what I’m talking about? Well, just for the record . . . I know nothing.


© Maria Fokas/March 6th 2016/All Rights Reserved –


Metis by Maria Fokas

On blossomed branches,
Hummingbirds rest in the scented shade.
The soil is moist beneath my feet;
What an odd place to find myself –
No recollection of my treading here.
Though it is a time for mourning, neither cries, nor tears to proclaim.

A traveler has much ground to cover, and many regrets to misplace.
I should have stayed with my first certainty:
With no expectations, I would have been spared –
As mountain-tops squander their flawless spring waters,
Lovers ignore the passing of Time.

And with my end so near, I could have shared some truths;
Had it not been for my forgetfulness, to save me from my youth;
But I have always found comfort in soaring above the clouds.

© Maria Fokas/ March 4, 2016/All Rights Reserved

Line Breaks : Snap

Line Breaks : Snap

by Maria Fokas

There is a freedom, in the face of truth – whether it is soothing to the heart or not, it will always set you free. You rage against the pain. At first, you don’t understand why. You try to go back, and recount your steps; was it my fault, you might ask yourself. But in time, what made you sad will subside. The scent of sunlight will wash your tears away; the bitter taste, will disappear – I promise you that. And they will resurface; all the dreams you had neglected; as platonic love has a way of playing with the heart, and distracting the mind – And besides, do not be dismayed; for it is always a joy to be a little in love, when you write –

© Maria Fokas 2014

Moments in Between

Moments in Between by Maria Fokas

There is a correctional facility behind these walls, and the lot beside it, has another facility; a high school. And I think about to what extent the latter is responsible for the former’s existence. Or is it the responsibility of the parents to keep those cells empty?  Well, one could say if they are responsible for bringing up doctors,  lawyers and teachers  –  thinkers, artists and builders  –  inventors, storytellers and the nurse who will hold your hand in your darkest moments, then yes, they are also responsible for a few cells in such facilities.

There is a church a few meters down that street. How much of the blame would you say that such a facility should take credit for those cells?  Many churches offer daily meals to the homeless, as well as to the families who do have a home, but can’t feed their children. There are priests yearning  to assist by putting food in the mouths of the less fortunate ones, and there are priests who assist by offering you their time for confession. Then, there is fasting, which creates cognitive dissonance; a theory that claims, if you commit a negative act, and then find a way to do good, you can erase that act from your conscience, and balance is restored. Do you think if fasting didn’t exist, maybe some Orthodox and Catholics would be better Christians? I’ve been told I can’t get communion unless I fast. And I wonder, not even if I spend that whole month doing good to those who Jesus said we should take care of?

 I took a trip to the Vatican a few years back, and was overwhelmed by the wealth. The ceiling seemed to touch the sky, with endless pieces of art work from wall to wall and ceiling to ceiling. I wondered how much they pay for heating and lights annually, and who pays for it all. Am I sinful? And then I wondered about famine in the 21st century, and of course the homeless. There are many paths to choose from in the beginning of one’s life, actually at any point in one’s life. There is always a choice which will lead you to where you want to be or condemn you to be chained in a place you never imagined you’d end up in.

We all want a better life, and we hope democracy will find a way. So we vote for a better future, and hope that new blood in office will change what had been put in motion a time before them. And we believe in the promises they make. Not because we are naive but because we see no other way for things to get better. We decide to be positive because the alternative is unbearable.

And then I ask myself what’s the point of it all? So what, how I choose to live my life. It will not make a difference either way.  And then I notice a tree, planted in front of that wall. Look closely and you will see it too.  The people who planted it – I wondered about them, and their ways. Maybe they had dreams – never conquered, or maybe their dream was to plant trees. And if the latter is true; what a success story – to have captured the moment, and then take pleasure in knowing what you did that day, would be there after you were gone – to contribute even after you are gone would surely put a smile on anybody’s face. And then it all fell into place – 

Maybe we take the beginning and the ending too seriously, when in fact, what matters is the moments in between.

© Maria Fokas 2014

The Rush



The Rush by Maria Fokas

How disappointing it must be to go to such great lengths so as to hold on to something; fearing it could slip through your fingers at any moment. When in actuality, that very thing you so feared you would lose, never really belonged to you in the first place.  Is it knowing that we are not a pawn in our lives, but the energy which creates all that is meant to be, that will set us free? In an era where we may deal with problems by believing that we get what we deserve, I’m beginning to wonder that maybe it’s not about what we deserve but, about what we compose –

© Maria Fokas 2014

I wonder

I WonderI Wonder by Maria Fokas

Broken dreams in a recycle bin. Caring with violence; no means to an end. How tragic to claim trust in such a way; to wrap up your love for all kinds of occasions. Mistakes which keep repeating themselves all pile up, for no one to see. The law which keeps conforming to twist the truth – protecting the enemy.

 I wonder about all these things. 

I wonder how it all started, and if it will ever end. I wonder how to stop it, then laugh at my arrogance to ever think I could. And I give up, like a coward would. To fall back on my ignorance; a safe place to be, is this a lesser version of me? I cannot decide. So, I take a trip to the center of town, to walk by shops I dare not go in, and I wonder why.

© Maria Fokas 2014




Dreams By Maria Fokas

A heavy choice to make

After all this time of planning

Don’t ask me to explain

Something about the pain I’ll feel in the way you’ll say goodbye

All this talk of no regrets, I could be wrong this time


Maybe I do not need the things I want – my promises and my devotion

But for every choice I make, I gain and lose in every gasp

A heavy choice to leave it all behind

I crash against these dreams I want

In the lonely hours of the night I need to let it all go by

A day, a decade, or two – it makes no difference now

For all I want this time around, is to make your dreams come true

In the lonely hours of the night, I know what I must do

So god if you can hear me, take it all away

For around the corner rest regrets – I cannot afford to let loose


© Maria Fokas 2014