The Irish Short Story

The Irish Short Story by Maria Fokas

She was charmed, as she listened to his Irish voice speaking words of freedom.

The Irish short story has come a long way. From oral story-telling during ancient times in Ireland, to the modern world of the written word. It has traveled many journeys through time to keep us intrigued and hidden in the choice of words, one can almost feel its distinct elements  –  love, and the anguish of freedom.

It is these elements I find to be the source of immortality. If I had a wish, it would be to find those 1000 stories ever written in Irish – and plunge into that world for a taste of their soul. I am sure I would find mine there waiting for me between the lines.

James Joyce presenting moments of heightened perception in his stories. While Sean O Faolain, and Frank O’Connor perceived the Irish story as one which focuses on a moment of crisis or change in a character’s life. And In the Depths of Darkness, I hope to experience the deepest expressions of opposition in story, which I believe to be human loneliness – and love.

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