Echo of Love

The Heart of The Moon


The Heart of the Moon 

To seize the darkness of your mournful heart

In an enchanted weakness of wicked play

You lose yourself to a fruitless path

You fear to taste the scent of love

In the weeping of time

In the sorrow of love

Many will envy all that we created –

unavailing thoughts of a distorted past

With a thread to tie a knot

But you were never meant

To keep me in an invisible grip

I wanted to paint your beautiful soul

And I did

Though I slipped inside your hunger

And fell in too deep

The odds of a raging sea

For the brave who love with courage

An inconvenient heart

 Whether they change love, or love changes them

There is no resentment to overcome

In the mesmerizing glow of my maker

I wait for you each month; a flower for your soul to keep

But until you embrace your darkness –

You cannot bewitch the soul in me

And the howling of the wolves

which play in your sleep

Will never shed a tear

For the love,

You did not keep.

 [Photo Credits: Moon Fairy Fantasy]



Of Beauty

of Beauty

Of Beauty

Love; an echo . . . a thread of faith –

Into his eyes; tainted by a heritage of pain to embrace:
Through the pillars of your birthright, the chant –
Vibrating through the flesh of your skin:
That echo . . . that echo of hymns.

I wake up to the decades lost; the struggle of uncertainty –
A hum treading beneath my screams.
Such legacy of hope; forced upon me.
An echo of faith . . . of beauty . . . of a dream.

Love is nothing more than a spark;
– within a captivated heart.
And that my love, is everything.

© Maria Fokas/ February 7 2016 – All Rights Reserved

Photograph credits – Unknown (Please contact me if information is known)