life and death

Black and White

©Yucel Basoglu

Black & White

 The grandest love story ever told;

Born out of each other; into every form.

Disguised to prevail against each other:

A hidden compass in my heart for your voyage –

Your waking choices, and your sleeping adventures;

And in this world; connected by the mask of time –

He seeks the reflection of all things in majestic balance.

He refers to the ice-burg as a wasted truth;

A mountain that touches the sky; upside down, he claims –

And that same sky on the other side,

Will never touch the sands beneath the oceans of you.

And though you are bound to change,

With every change of every moment –

You are still the same, my Love.

Oh, and how the Sun loved the Moon:

Forever devoted to crossing paths, but never to touch.

And some day I will know; some day in the ink of your thoughts –

And you will paint the darkness in my eyes with the light in yours.

Some day, the pauses between our notes will be soothed by your smile.

For what is music without rest between the melodies of notes?

Oh, how selfish must love become before it turns into hate;

And back into love again . . . but I have nothing to declare.

Some day I will know all the things that were left unsaid.

In laughter, and in cries –

In caress, and in vice –

You are the center of all things.

But in the end,

I may doubt all but one; you were my spark, and I your darkest joy –

– How our world would have been different,

If we could have agreed; at least on that.


 – Photograph by ©Yucel Basoglu


Anticipated Memories

 Anticipated memories IM

Anticipated Memories

The wickedness of collapse, is that it comes in idle whispers.

It takes you in its arms; numbing the yearning to dream.

In quiet steps, it alters the world you thought was real.

The present is misplaced, and in the depths of darkness you descend.

You see a glimpse of truth in your attempt to trust.

A faint spark of memory keeps coming back;

There it is; nearest to your heart, that little thing called love.

My muse had a charming way of bringing back the dead.

   – In all its imperfections, it was a perfect World.

Anticipated Memories; love remembered never goes astray.

Like notes of a forgotten melody; of a luring hidden moonlight –

In quiet steps, it takes back every moment you called love.

Within empty spaces of time, a struggle to recall.

The wickedness of collapse, is that it comes in idle whispers.

[Dedication to Robin M. Williams]

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Scars So Deep


Scars So Deep by Maria Fokas

Scars running so deep –  roaring in an endless flow

Hush, no need for such upheaval for a flaw so weak

And so, I count my fortunes; breed gratefulness indeed 


I count the wonderful people in my life, my accomplishments; my discoveries

I count, the times defeat was woven into me

I misplace my tears, and the smiles that broke me

Look! A sinner’s cross –  abolished by love


I notice all those who have worse misfortunes

Yes they are many, but what am I to do?

Maybe a friendly hand, through the darkest of nights

But with a few pennies of my time, I will always come up short

To think I could change a life;

What engaging deceit to ponder in 


But I saved a black puppy on a rainy day, at the age of 12

Caught struggling, in an open sewer, on a cold deserted road

You may think – so what!

But that which does not speak in words,

Was always a constant faze, unless it was a cat, of course 

And in the end, the scars remained 


A boundless burden again – to sustain you,

 I should not have thought twice; so many doubts

What lonely place, one creates confused by disbelief 

No harmony – No muse in sight – No substance of time;

Only a weak shadow, standing between excellence and me

Was it all just a figment of the mind,

Or were there truths, in the lies they told?

Regardless, I cannot forgive – all those choices denied to me 

Particularly the one when you said, I cannot love thee


So, let the fall be gentle – let the fall be winged

And above all,

Let it not be – A bottomless pit



Location: Delaware Street/OLD NEW CASTLE