Wandering Winds of Time

Wandering Winds of Time

the winds

Wandering Winds of Time by Maria Fokas

Put pen to paper; and carry the winds astray:
All that is here; will one day disappear; I heard them say.
So put pen to paper for untamed songs of love remembered:

Gaze upon the wandering sky; as if to paint its essence –

Remind me of that kiss in such restless rapture; when you were mine:
The whisper of your hidden thoughts; freeze that moment;
Tell me again, how you held my hand; though hope was gone.
Don’t let them say that we were fools to love!
Their craven twists of envy will dull away in time.

Put pen to paper, and let them all know!
Every feast we savored, was a spark to light our way.

Carry the winds of time, to no end:
Salvage our shattered dreams, from each alluring storm.
And in your precious words, fear not the thrill of doubt:

Though the gods were never on our side,
I was your muse, and you were mine;
In that brief moment of eternity.

© Maria Fokas 2015/All Rights Reserved/Photograph by Maria Fokas [Dublin Sky]