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Life is your art. An open, aware heart is your camera. A oneness with your world is your film. Your bright eyes and easy smile is your museum.” — Ansel Adams If you would like to download any of our previous Quotes of the Day for free please visit: PI Photography and Fine Art Save

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The passion of a writer’s pen

The Passion of a Writer's Pen

Matthew Chikono (Creator of the Blog Short Stories, and The Passion of a Writer’s Pen) asked me to take part in the coming together of inspiring writers who would share their writing experience by articulating it in a poem.

I was honored, and of course accepted immediately; And so I share with you the final result of Tafadzwa Chiwanza and Matthew Chikono’s vision.

The Passion Of A Writer's Pen

I took the oath.
To end will be the end.
My breath your breath.
My time your time.
To hold and think
Guilty if l rest you down.
Shame and all shame upon me.
Silence was before I spread the ink
Making the earth bright, is what I think of with you
A union to the end.
(Jeremiah Muhwezi)

A sword to pierce my heart for every tide
I spit out a raw escape in a gasp of thought
To mark specks of profound recklessness
To feel the bleeding heartbeat of my fingertips
To hear the whispering force of a lover’s birth
To lose oneself in every re-crossing sunset
A dream of the world, a gush raging grace
From original light to final darkness
Stories bound to a hope of existence, my cry for life- (Maria Fokas)

Oh no!
I can’t believe this it’s happening again
B L E E…

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Moher Rocks


MOHER ROCKS by Maria Fokas

Moher rocks pick me up
Into the sky I want to fall
Out of the kingdom of greed
Lies fill the air with fear
From the beasts that need my trust
Struggle, regret, and doubt
And beyond that point
An echo of tears

Then you smile
And I am free

© Maria Fokas 2015/All Rights Reserved – Photograph found in Lost in darkness/search

The Art of Waiting

Martin Hanley Photo

The Art of Waiting by Maria Fokas

A hush beneath the sea, whispers into each string of night; precisely, and endlessly. Dreams bend back on themselves, like fragile circles hoping to be traced. Where the two ends meet, the dream is nurtured; where the two ends part, the taste of sweet love remains – Each of the two circles is true, but the truths are not the same.

And as the night wakes, our sun disappears beneath the earth; once more, no rest in waiting. The sea turns from deep blue to bright red; reaching words from land to land and on the twelfth day the waiting will end.

I hear the whisper in your poetry; I hear the beating of your heart in your dreams. But there is no suffering – a struggle inside the pages of loyalty; voices that yearn for freedom is an honorable way to live; turning the hour-glass by day, and by night. I wait for the nine lines of a sacred site to speak those same words of freedom.

© Maria Fokas 2015/All Rights Reserved – Photography by Martin Hanley/2015

Raw Moments in Time

There are moments in life you don’t want to edit . . . because time is of the essence . . .you want to capture the moment …embrace it….and hold on to it as tightly as your heart can stand it . . .Sometimes the raw moments of life are also the truth that reminds us that we are alive but any moment it can all change . . . Oh, the inevitable truth that we are so temporary . . . the fear of whether we will be remembered when we are gone . . . and the knowing that as is now, we still have time to make a difference in someone’s life . . . make it a good one . . . a voice whispers in my head . . . regardless . . . make it worth being here for them . . . and don’t worry so much about being perfect . . . sometimes the worst thing you can do in life is waste precious time editing it!



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