Metis  On blossomed branches, Hummingbirds rest in the scented shade. The soil is moist beneath my feet; What an odd place to find myself – No recollection of my treading here. Though it is a time for mourning, neither cries, nor tears to proclaim. A traveler has much ground to cover, and many regrets to misplace. I should have stayed with my first certainty: With no expectations, I would have been spared – As mountain-tops squander their flawless spring waters, Lovers ignore the passing of Time. And with my end so near, I could have shared some truths; Had it … Continue reading Metis


(Collaborative Poetry)  In the days when poetry was all we had misery was sweet. Yearning was hidden in her thoughts; and in the tarrying of retreat. His lips used proper words – his whispers spoke of delicious scandals. In the night, her longing simmered in her dreams. And with the resting of her eyes, she could hear his voice break through the cracks of time: M.F. “A blindfold of forsaken moments lay bare and exposed.  Twilight teasing – their tongues entwined – now whispers below, With slender fingers that dance upon a stilted frame. Nestling behind the hollow curve; the flowing fire is set aglow. Taste the divine, as … Continue reading EXPECTATIONS BETWEEN TIME