A Thousand Years

It happened on the thousandth year; From the center core of all our tears It stirred the darkness into light Souls were born from the depths of night: A raging struggle; just to hold on Like grave many times before With doubtful eyes he smiled at me – But one cold night, he could not sleep; My hope had touched his lips Out of the dream he ran to me But time had given up on him That mundane morning: Like the journey of a butterfly I awoke, with no more tears in me My darkness had surrendered By the … Continue reading A Thousand Years

The Sword

The Sword by Maria Fokas My mind in helpless roam Antique dreams and harp whispers; Between losing and winning Hearts wintered in leaves that float ashore Shallow rays of dizzy lights – Mirrored in the dead of night I close my eyes again; The sword falls from my hand A word sharper than a sword Before we turn to stone. © Maria Fokas 2015/All Rights Reserved / Image: Gladiaotor/Warrior Stock Photos.com Continue reading The Sword

The End of Time

The End of Time by Maria Fokas  In the midst of night she sleeps. Her wings fly her over the end of time, a glimpse of light and below, she sees the color white. Slowly, don’t rush it, savor that memory of your first sip. The individual slices of time we are bound to miss. I will remember all of this: Freshly squeezed orange scent, I crossed off our precious list. Simple chunks of speech, wasted on an empty kiss. Someone take that first step; someone, but  me, I see those words appear, and a tear rolls down my cheek. How strange the … Continue reading The End of Time

The Rush

    The Rush by Maria Fokas How disappointing it must be to go to such great lengths so as to hold on to something; fearing it could slip through your fingers at any moment. When in actuality, that very thing you so feared you would lose, never really belonged to you in the first place.  Is it knowing that we are not a pawn in our lives, but the energy which creates all that is meant to be, that will set us free? In an era where we may deal with problems by believing that we get what we deserve, … Continue reading The Rush

I wonder

I Wonder by Maria Fokas Broken dreams in a recycle bin. Caring with violence; no means to an end. How tragic to claim trust in such a way; to wrap up your love for all kinds of occasions. Mistakes which keep repeating themselves all pile up, for no one to see. The law which keeps conforming to twist the truth – protecting the enemy.  I wonder about all these things.  I wonder how it all started, and if it will ever end. I wonder how to stop it, then laugh at my arrogance to ever think I could. And I … Continue reading I wonder


  Dreams By Maria Fokas A heavy choice to make After all this time of planning Don’t ask me to explain Something about the pain I’ll feel in the way you’ll say goodbye All this talk of no regrets, I could be wrong this time   Maybe I do not need the things I want – my promises and my devotion But for every choice I make, I gain and lose in every gasp A heavy choice to leave it all behind I crash against these dreams I want In the lonely hours of the night I need to let it all go … Continue reading Dreams