Shattered Pieces of Time

Neel 02 01 2015 Abstract Photography 2

Shattered Pieces of Time by Maria Fokas

Last night, you held my hand
We flew below a golden sky
At a distance a faint melody
A familiar touch; a soft sigh

Out of my sleep; Uncertainty
Has love been cursed again?
All possibilities fade away
No expectations; no apparent fears 

My eyes tire; I can barely recall
In a world where time is scarce
Why do we dwell in losing?

[Love that alters when alteration comes
was never love at all] 

But . . . my friend. 


© Maria Fokas 2015/All Rights Reserved – Photography: Neel 02/01/2015 Abstract Photography

House of Pain

 House of Pain by Maria Fokas

 In the house of pain the music plays softly.

There are books scattered in every corner of each room.

The lights are always dimmed but the scented candles never lit.

There is writing on the walls: Beware things could be Worse –

In the house of pain no one complains about silly things like the taste of food.

A stormy day is one when we do not listen,

The hour of fun is one when we do not speak.

In the house of pain there are no cries in the middle of the night –

No one gets down on their knees and we all forgive our enemies.

In the house of pain we have many visitors but no one stays too long –

But there was one I recall; he said,

“Let me in, and kiss me” – And he stayed for the whole day.

© Maria Fokas 2014 /All Rights Reserved