Shattered Pieces of Time

Neel 02 01 2015 Abstract Photography 2

Shattered Pieces of Time by Maria Fokas

Last night, you held my hand again.
We flew with ruby-colored wings; below a golden sky.
A distant faint melody; a familiar touch and sigh –

Out of my sleep; worried faces and uncertainty,
Has love been confused with lust again?
Possibilities of truth fade away with mastered plans,  
No expectations to the rule; no regrets from your seducer.    

My eyes are heavy; but not from lack of sleep;
In a world where time is scarce – we dwell on losing; 
But never notice the part we play; as we fiddle with time –

I make no excuses for my rage, but will say this; taken from a wise man –

[Love that alters when alteration comes
was never love at all] 

But . . . my friend, I thought it was. 


© Maria Fokas 2015/All Rights Reserved – Photography: Neel 02/01/2015 Abstract Photography

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