A Song for Sophia

A Song for Sophia

A Song for Sophia by Maria Fokas

To defame an honorable man
Is not in a woman’s nature
Excluding, a woman in love; of course
In rage she drowns in misleading ramble –
But when time has dimmed out
She takes back her heartless tone
And of all the outcomes her fury may bring
She hopes she made him smile –
Because; one thing she knows to be unshaken
Time runs out without a cause; without a glimpse of warning
We were one; once upon a time – it cannot be forsaken
Though a champagne path; without a sip to reminisce –
Yet what better way to be remembered, than that you loved
For you can bleed so long without a gust,
Before your heart tempers
And last, the sweet hushing calm –

© Maria Fokas 2015/All Rights Reserved – Photograph by Maria Fokas, at Corfu; Paleokastritsa

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