Coming Soon . . . Notes to the Readers: The story of Metis and Prometheus is a story about struggles, loss, and the space love embraces to make sure we survive the ironic twists and turns life can put us through –   Beneath the White Willow © Copyright © 2012 by Maria Fokas ΡΟΞΑΝΗ Μ. ΚΑΜΠΟΥΡΑΚΗ-ΑΛΙΒΑΝ ΣΥΜΒΟΛΑΙΟΓΡΑΦΟΣ Α.Φ.Μ. 041456855 ΑΡΙΘΜΟΣ **** – ΠΡΑΞΗ ΚΑΤΑΘΕΣΗΣ ΠΝΕΥΜΑΤΙΚΗΣ ΙΔΙΟΚΤΗΣΙΑΣ I am also sharing a song I listened to; over a thousand times while writing Metis; I almost want to call it the theme song XXX     http://Azure Ray – November Continue reading Metis

Pictures in the Attic

  Pictures in the Attic  Rose Do you feel the shadows lurking beneath your skin when you lay down to sleep? I feel them every night. Sometimes petrified that it’s because I’ve become an imitation. Could that be it? Isabella I don’t know; maybe you just gave up. Rose Is that what you think?  Isabella To believe that darkness can hide mistakes helps us survive regardless of them. Rose A sham to pretend that eternity matters to someone who hasn’t the faintest idea where they will find the resources to survive from day to day. Isabella And why do you … Continue reading Pictures in the Attic