Everything and Nothing – Day One

Eternal love 6

Thought of the Day by Maria Fokas

Happiness Abound

A simple thought I woke up to today. . . If you are not happy alone, you will probably never be happy with anyone else. A relationship is not meant to cater your wants, or to fill any black holes others may have scarred you with. A relationship is meant to celebrate the senses of life in the most imaginative ways, as you share yourself with another human being – to create paths together where there were none before – Now, that sounds like happiness! Let’s suppose this is the secret to every successful relationship, and see what happens; what do you think? Does it sound like I know what I’m talking about? Well, just for the record . . . I know nothing.


© Maria Fokas/March 6th 2016/All Rights Reserved –

Beneath the Waves

Brooke Shaden

Beneath the Waves by Maria Fokas

The greatest treasures are simple things
Few gestures that say; I love you!

Take a sip
Delight in a kiss
Turn the last page with me –

Blow out the candles
Say good night
Never regret the promises

Vulnerable to the Waves
Loyal to the rock
The windmill spins
The anchor pulls

Under the sea the treasure will be
Remember to embrace your dream

The waking hour may change your wants
But never your deepest needs –


Photo Credits: Brooke Shaden