Rain-Drops by Maria Fokas I peeked out of my window this morning at 6 am. It had been raining all night. The misty damp air said, “Get back in bed”. But I keep my eyes on the rain, where stories come to life. It fervently thrums on roof-tops, and pavements; drip, drop, babble, drum  – accent on the tempo, before another thrum. I make myself some coffee; my lips tease the blend before I take that sip, then I click on the saxophone. I succumb to those sensual pictures from the late 1940s and 50s before my time. They did … Continue reading Rain-Drops

My Heart’s Whisper

My Heart’s Whisper by Maria Fokas She caresses the strings of her burning thoughts, Humming her secret in the midst of warm nights. A note or two off beat of course – but unique in all its beauty. Like the seasons’ cries,  she recounts her worries, Searching for that one to keep. She chants the letters of her lover’s name – A few drops on autumn leaves.   Then with time, Fragile snowflakes – between the sky and me – Descending – like expectations owed. And with the final season, She reclaims (the right) to love again. And I ask … Continue reading My Heart’s Whisper