My Heart’s Whisper

PHOTOGRAPH: Nadja Seale .Lily Bloom: éloge

My Heart’s Whisper by Maria Fokas

She caresses the strings of her burning thoughts,

Humming her secret in the midst of warm nights.

A note or two off beat of course – but unique in all its beauty.

Like the seasons’ cries,  she recounts her worries,

Searching for that one to keep.

She chants the letters of her lover’s name –

A few drops on autumn leaves.  

Then with time,

Fragile snowflakes – between the sky and me –

Descending – like expectations owed.

And with the final season,

She reclaims (the right) to love again.

And I ask her,  “Why so careless with your heart?”

A golden thread of hope appears –

Between the rhythm of blossomed hues.

She whispers in a voice of truth, “We only live once.”

 – A love affair with wings of freedom – has no choice but to fly.



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