Innocence Dazed

Innocence Dazed by Maria Fokas

The woman knows she is seducing

It is even a sin in most religions

To tempt such youth

With powers of soft scented skin  

The boys are excited …

Their faces glowing

Naïve and pristine

As not yet touched

By a woman with such skill

To kiss and spell

Unaware of the dangers

Not having once tasted…

Sweet to the tongue

Bitter to the longing

The need to be satisfied

By a ghost in their heads

They merely plunge in thought

Sexuality intoxicating to the touch

The idea of throbbing is not yet painful

For the tease they desire

Purely to relish the need…

The story unfolds in the darkness of the night

They lie in bed with the woman’s image

Feeling her under their sheets…

As they close their eyes

With their finger – tips

Their ships sail for the deepest oceans . . .


 © 2013 Maria Fokas / Innocence Dazed

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