Things I love


Things I Love

THINGS I LOVE by Maria Fokas

Roses; the colors of thirty-leaf roses –

The sound of your voice; when you smile

Long margin relics in forgotten books

Humming of Minor Notes  

The times when you ring

The times you need to hide

The feel of freedom; rain on my side

The way you embrace doubt

When you welcome change

Your insistence to forget my name

Chocolate, with caramel centers, from Belgium

Letters which tell enchanting stories

Poets who make love without being sorry

A hot cup of coffee; a cold glass of tea

Mornings when you wait for me –

Second hand copies, first hand ideas

Pages edged with gold . . .

Your warm, heart;

The scars on your hands

Inscriptions on flyleaves; don’t forget them

When you dazzle me, when I needle you

When we lose track of time; while work is in fury

To sleep when I’m tired; don’t forget to say [gn]

Our secrets; I love our secrets – 

Fish from a drinking town; the stories they can tell

New beginnings; most triggered by you

When you tell me you love me – without the word LOVE

When you promise to remember; on days I’ll be gone 

And then we stop – you sigh; a mournful silence fills the room

And you think, it is only you – who cannot say goodbye – 


© Maria Fokas 2014/All Rights Reserved

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