The Thorns of Time

Martin Hanley Photography

The Thorns of Time by Maria Fokas

First, you left;
Then, I let myself forget.
             – I watched the days go by in silence
Without a sign of love; I waited –

I felt the thorns of time.
             – I wept for the miracles
The ones we left behind –

Damn those walls we swore to ignore.
             – All I ever wished for
To find a truth, in loves that slip away –

Stripped of dignity, by all the things I’ve done.
             – My heart has turned against the tide
Hope; the last to go –

Grateful for the things you gave me.
             – For the moon, for the stars; for the rest of time
And for the song, you sang, before you said goodbye –

First, you left;
             -Then, I made my heart forget.
That was the way, of our infinite day –


 Photograph Credits: Martin Hanley

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