Chasing Clouds 2

CHASING CLOUDS by Martin Hanley

Chasing clouds after the storm;
Soil and rock beneath my feet; damp –
A deep pungent reminder of her presence.
Silent beneath the golden vault;
Her glowing tresses stretch as far as the eye can see;
A ploughed field of glowing embers; glistening and transcendent.
Her eternal light; a reflection bound beneath a vanishing horizon:
Is it doubt?
All elements are present; confined within this infinite moment as one.
She stirs the azure blue,
To paint the gloomy asphalt anew;
Her darkness reveals a peculiar wondrous light.
No more strangers here, as future, past, and time itself dissolve –
Like a veiled, and distant cloudburst.
As dusk draws in –
She whispers a warning,
For all who have eyes to hear;

Copyright © all rights reserved Martin Hanley August 10th 2015 – Photograph by Martin Hanley

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