Aylan’s last Day

Helen Savva illustration and digital Art 2

Aylan’s last Day by Maria Fokas

How can this be the best of all possible worlds?
Ashamed – The absurdity of life is nothing novel, but what is? Is it the indifference; the way we claim to care; the way we portray our humanity; the helplessness we’ve come accustomed to?

Maybe it’s the way in which our thoughts numb up, while there is still a chance to make things right. A knot in my throat; I almost cry; but rage takes the place of sorrow – Aylan Kurdi’s last day; an image of utter failure – a tragic death triggered by our incompetence.

I am Ashamed!

– Illustration and digital Art by Helen Savva © Maria Fokas 2015/All Rights Reserved/ Graphic Design


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