Love Curse

Christopher Straver 2

                                                                                 Illustration Editing M.F.

Love Curse

Racing through in slow motion, the ticking of time.

I cannot speak today;

A ruthless sharp haste to my beating heart.

Chaotic throbbing of a grand mistake.

The difference between love, and love

An ill confusion;

Misconceptions of a mystery.

In explanations, it disappears;

Time to say goodbye –

Oh why, am I lacking such a skill?

What keeps a heart wrapped around an evil hope?

Is it the way his words hold on, when he pushes me away?

Or his silent presence, lurking endlessly in my head?

Does he ever feel pain, when he hurts me?

In a faint whisper, I heard someone say;

“You always hurt, when you hurt the one you love.”

The difference between love, and love


© Credits: hair-drawing Christopher Straver


2 thoughts on “Love Curse

  1. “What keeps a heart wrapped around an evil hope?”
    Maybe, it’s just that, if we finally decide to move on, we’ll realize that we didn’t mean as much to the loved one as we thought or hoped we did.

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    1. According to Greek mythology hope is the only evil Pandora trapped in her box. We tend to see hope as a positive, but many a times it causes more harm than good. Maybe once hope starts to feel painful, it is a sign to leave. Love can be painful to generous hearts 🙂 What did Aristotle say about this? Thank you for your visit, and comment! x

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