I Know a Cat

I know a Cat by Martin Hanley Dedicated to my old philosophical friend, Master Mouse Hanley I sat there sweltering in a familiar fog; constipated with checking and weighted outcomes. Languid landscapes with questioning answers; an unfocused portfolio has come undone. Then, in he glides supreme; stretching out beneath the dappled light; now reclining. Regally basking like some ancient achromatic shadow; he swallows the fallow sun. Cold blooded catering alerted, a distant ringing or some obscure Sylvan echo, yet I hear none. Starving for hidden treats that well versed others commonly disdain; he remains steadfast smiling. Forever glancing, my philosophical … Continue reading I Know a Cat

The Clown Sees Clearest

The Clown Sees Clearest By Martin Hanley The clown sees clearest the hidden flaw with a sense of knowing like a ticking clock. Burning embers ignite a raging fire as towering walls come closing in. The iridescent sun flower climbs high, cursing the gathering clouds. On the cold grey ground it forever lays its dark shadow bare. We’re floating on an ocean of happiness yet deep beneath us are depths never constant nor still. For success is times waning blossom; her flowering petals were faded to begin. Where passion and beauty spread their wings is special; caught in a dreamlike … Continue reading The Clown Sees Clearest

The Bike Ride

The Bike Ride by Martin Hanley Roaring and kissing the wind, Alone yet alive, the landscape greets you. And then you fall and kiss the asphalt, tears of pain well – in your eyes. And your knees weep; blood seeping. Searing the burn begins –  and you remember; your father once cycled over a hundred miles to see a hurling match: A game – a final, when the world was at war. No petrol. Copyright © Martin Hanley July 13 2014 Continue reading The Bike Ride

She is Dancing Still

She is Dancing Still By Martin Hanley Take a moment to breathe deeply and listen. Do you see Her? She is dancing still, And perhaps She always will. Flowing with beauty beneath a leafy veil. Her wandering path spreads out to find you. She is the genius of all seasons. Giving more than She could ever take. Beauty spread bare for all who see. Stirring the breeze describing the emotion. Copyright © Martin Hanley 7/2/2014 Continue reading She is Dancing Still

The Shadow of the Former Self

The Shadow of the Former Self By Martin Hanley The shadow of the former self is out there now forever seeking. The sitter seated accused amused is forever longing for pastures fleeting. Through pain and torment to save your soul, a spoken law is a hidden roll. The blood that speaks, two hearts that whisper; a golden crown for night’s own sister. All masks removed, all races run for now is the echo of a passing sun. It was never who we truly were but, who could listen and break the mold. And although that orb still shines all day, … Continue reading The Shadow of the Former Self

The Mórrígan

The Mórrígan by Martin Hanley Old friend, Great Queen forever hovering near. Heart of a Raven, your drum beats loud and clear. Sister’s three who soar on high; watchful eyes nervously scan the sky. Your moonlit magic and prophetic signs; the bellowing war hoard threads woven; number nine. Badb and Macha and Morigu three, dark feathers shape shift in your netherworld unseen. The evil eye drew your lover down; on Moytura field not another sound. Revenge draped sweetly on smiling lips as the river runs deep beneath my dreams. In our veins together you forever sleep. Copyright © Martin Hanley June 13 … Continue reading The Mórrígan