Unrequited Hope

Unrequited Hope by Maria Fokas Darkness in the center of light – if you will it into being, if you censor it, if you try to control it, you will destroy it. The darkness will fade into the light; the grip will weaken, the pain will sharpen. The traces of courage will unfold and reverse into you. The thrum of every second runs through the veins beneath the flesh of bodies, and of universes. Time has a direction I cannot fathom. But from order to disorder, and through paths of chaos, there remains a hope of truth. When time disappears … Continue reading Unrequited Hope

The Circle of Time

The Circle of Time by Maria Fokas The flow of time in a dream It rushes by – It stands still You reach into that endless stream You grasp the haste of freedom Where light and darkness meet Where the old creates the new Where the scent of Green fades into the wake of Blue Like a string that binds my heart to you Into the past, by a thought; Into to the future, with a hope. © Maria Fokas 2015/All Rights Reserved – Photography by Martin Hanley Continue reading The Circle of Time

The Story of the Red Line

The year is 1912. The place is Macedonia – Greece. The only way to stay alive is to see nothing, and believe nothing. His name was Ares; derived from the God of war. He was a village man who had nothing to say unless he was furious. Villagers defined him as a violent man. But his wife, claimed she never suffered in his hands. His two girls remember him to have been a giving father but his two sons knew better. The beginning of a thread which led to a truth. The story begins at the train station of a forgotten … Continue reading The Story of the Red Line

In The Wake

In the Wake by Maria Fokas Your hand was not mine to hold, nor my lips, yours to kiss – But in that world, I held your hand, and you kissed my lips. Through a dark current; you drew in a path; An epiphany soared within a gush of promises. And before me, a wraithlike image distracts my wake. Unbidden streams of clauses – lacing bare-scented gestures. I render the smile in your eyes, the accent in your voice, And everything you claimed that was mine. That path; deep-seated, between the distance of land and sea; How unfortunate that temporal … Continue reading In The Wake

Forbidden Shells (Blind Spots)

3. Forbidden Shells (Blind Spots) by Maria Fokas Today Greece is voting for the next Prime Minister . . . [Do not dwell on the days that drift by – Make them stop] – The words carved on an iron plaque, hung on cemetery gates, in a dream. And so I took the bus to the center of town, early this morning as I could not sleep. I sat on the bus observing people going to their destinations. I looked for smiles, or lack of them; speculated about the thoughts they were consumed with; whether they were healing, or sickening … Continue reading Forbidden Shells (Blind Spots)

Forbidden Shells (Reality)

1. Forbidden Shells (Reality) by Maria Fokas I woke up this morning from the inside out; opened my eyes to a broken day – He asked me if I knew anything about reality, but who can claim to know? It would have to be an objective lad, but minds are subjective most of the time. Maybe there’s one percent that knows, but what would they say? : “I know that I cannot possibly be objective when cultured to think a specific way, and regardless of what I choose opposed to what I deny, could it be the inner voice of … Continue reading Forbidden Shells (Reality)

House of Pain

 House of Pain by Maria Fokas  In the house of pain the music plays softly. There are books scattered in every corner of each room. The lights are always dimmed but the scented candles never lit. There is writing on the walls: Beware things could be Worse – In the house of pain no one complains about silly things like the taste of food. A stormy day is one when we do not listen, The hour of fun is one when we do not speak. In the house of pain there are no cries in the middle of the night … Continue reading House of Pain

Scars So Deep

  Scars So Deep by Maria Fokas Scars running so deep –  roaring in an endless flow Hush, no need for such upheaval for a flaw so weak And so, I count my fortunes; breed gratefulness indeed    I count the wonderful people in my life, my accomplishments; my discoveries I count, the times defeat was woven into me I misplace my tears, and the smiles that broke me Look! A sinner’s cross –  abolished by love   I notice all those who have worse misfortunes Yes they are many, but what am I to do? Maybe a friendly hand, through … Continue reading Scars So Deep