Unrequited Hope

by Marilyn Bouchard

Unrequited Hope by Maria Fokas

Darkness in the center of light – if you will it into being, if you censor it, if you try to control it, you will destroy it. The darkness will fade into the light; the grip will weaken, the pain will sharpen. The traces of courage will unfold and reverse into you.

The thrum of every second runs through the veins beneath the flesh of bodies, and of universes. Time has a direction I cannot fathom. But from order to disorder, and through paths of chaos, there remains a hope of truth.

When time disappears into silence, when stars heave their flame, when darkness swallows the last of its energy – there will stand the truth before you, bare and voluntarily naked in its simplicity. And the theory of everything will show its face, and it will not be in equations; it will be in Love –

 Photo Credits:Marilyn Bouchard

2 thoughts on “Unrequited Hope

  1. Powerful post. I followed thought of it in the reverse, I embraced the tiny spec of light in the darkness and followed it into the light but I like the way you put it from the perspective of seeing the darkness fade into light. Thank you!

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