Dark with Sensuous Poetry


Dark with Sensuous Poetry by Martin Hanley

Immortal hope swells again as dominoes fall beneath your secret.
A hidden essence beneath a silky ocean of subtle infinities.
Calling and beckoning in secret groves;burning brightly through a thousand rays of darkness.

Teasing my senses, they swarm like spiraling columns of butterflies in Spring.
Light touching; electric coursing, caressing the curvaceous flow.
They sway and dance on the hushed pathways of morning air.

Dark with sensuous poetry leading me back to myself; towards those radiant falls.
Washing over me like musical notes, elegantly bound; revealing themselves to my touch, they’re freed. Ancient fire, enchanted flames of longing; burning brightly beneath your whispered embers.

Endless momentary moments, revealing an old truth that now lies far beyond all fear.
Your inner sanctum is soon revealed; the birthing of times forgotten flaw.
Let the beauty of your lines trace a path to me before the fading of the last dawn.

DARK SENSUOUS POETRY © all rights reserved Martin Hanley May 22nd 2015 – Photo Credits: “Danaïd” 1885 –Auguste Rodin (modeled after his assistant and lover, Camille Claudel)

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