Raw Moments in Time

There are moments in life you don’t want to edit . . . because time is of the essence . . .you want to capture the moment …embrace it….and hold on to it as tightly as your heart can stand it . . .Sometimes the raw moments of life are also the truth that reminds us that we are alive but any moment it can all change . . . Oh, the inevitable truth that we are so temporary . . . the fear of whether we will be remembered when we are gone . . . and the knowing that as is now, we still have time to make a difference in someone’s life . . . make it a good one . . . a voice whispers in my head . . . regardless . . . make it worth being here for them . . . and don’t worry so much about being perfect . . . sometimes the worst thing you can do in life is waste precious time editing it!



Cosmos Thessaloniki


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