A Thousand Years

It happened on the thousandth year; From the center core of all our tears It stirred the darkness into light Souls were born from the depths of night: A raging struggle; just to hold on Like grave many times before With doubtful eyes he smiled at me – But one cold night, he could not sleep; My hope had touched his lips Out of the dream he ran to me But time had given up on him That mundane morning: Like the journey of a butterfly I awoke, with no more tears in me My darkness had surrendered By the … Continue reading A Thousand Years

Thorns of Time (Part II)

Thorns of Time (part II)  by Maria Fokas I watched your words turn into stone.               – First you left;  And then, I said goodbye – One by one, tomorrows disappear, like candles end.              – Up in the sky, the clouds manifest in mystery,  First love recalls the fear of oneness, inevitable paths to claim Damn those walls, like mountaintops that never end.              – Losing leaves a painful sting behind,  A hovering shadow that clings on till we say farewell – We write, and write, and then forget the reasons why.              – A promise broken or misplaced, … Continue reading Thorns of Time (Part II)

The Thorns of Time

The Thorns of Time by Maria Fokas First, you left; Then, I let myself forget.              – I watched the days go by in silence Without a sign of love; I waited – I felt the thorns of time.              – I wept for the miracles The ones we left behind – Damn those walls we swore to ignore.              – All I ever wished for To find a truth, in loves that slip away – Stripped of dignity, by all the things I’ve done.              – My heart has turned against the tide Hope; the last to go – … Continue reading The Thorns of Time


(Collaborative Poetry)  In the days when poetry was all we had misery was sweet. Yearning was hidden in her thoughts; and in the tarrying of retreat. His lips used proper words – his whispers spoke of delicious scandals. In the night, her longing simmered in her dreams. And with the resting of her eyes, she could hear his voice break through the cracks of time: M.F. “A blindfold of forsaken moments lay bare and exposed.  Twilight teasing – their tongues entwined – now whispers below, With slender fingers that dance upon a stilted frame. Nestling behind the hollow curve; the flowing fire is set aglow. Taste the divine, as … Continue reading EXPECTATIONS BETWEEN TIME