In the Depths of Dreams

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And when I stumble upon a scene which takes my breath away  - I stop, and take it. By that very click, I am not yet sure if I am taking something that does not belong to me, or whether it isn't the image I am immortalizing, but actually, that very second I am witnessing movement in the realm of time. There truly is a story in everything; may it be in color, or the lack of it - may it be concrete, or abstract - a laugh or a cry; the spark of the story will always be there.

Maria Fokas

Photographs by me XX



EWIAN – Beautiful Lie

The time has come tonight.

We gonna be free.

We gonna lose together

what never should be.
We´re floating like a feather

against gravity.

The midnight of ourselves

will culminate soon.
And if I could,

I would save you from hell in man.

Save you from the blind hatred and ignorance.

And if I could, I would let them feel

what you felt,

till they break out in tears

when they realize what they did.
And if I could,

I would save you from hell in man.

And if I could, I would let them feel

what you felt, till they break out in tears.

I would save you from hell in man.

Save you.
I would let them feel what you felt.

I would let them feel what you felt.


“‘Beautiful Lie’ is about the inability of some people to be empathic and the pain I feel by the knowledge that most of them probably never will be able to reflect foreign thoughts – which is the basis for compassion, one of the virtues which makes us human. This fact is represented in ‘Beautiful Lie’ by the story of a lesbian couple who is haunted by people who see evil in that, and in the end, both women decide to make a double suicide, to reach freedom by death rather than being slaves in the real world. I know that´s very sad, it´s one of my saddest compositions. But I don´t give up the thought that one day all human beings will be able to have compassion. The pictures in the attachment are stills of a video and tell about the moment after the double suicide. Their bodies have transformed into light, floating through a flower field to reach an unkown state of jointly awareness in the end.”


– Ewian




Ewian was generous enough to send me the lyrics of his new song, “Beautiful Lie” before it is actually released. The picture of the flower will be added to the video he is creating for the song. He shared with me, the personal story which triggered his need to create Beautiful Lie, but he’s asked me to hold onto that story, and so I will respect his request. The little time I’ve known Ewian, I’ve come to see the splendor in his heart, and the compassion he has for humanity. He is a courageous man full of hope; determined to contributing to a future where he feels empathy to be the key to our salvation. He has truly captured my heart; expressing the beauty of his soul through his words, lyrics, and music. I am lucky that Ewian found me through ‘In the Depths of Darkness’.

Thank you Ewian; grateful for your trust.

– Maria

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Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time

Once Upon a Time by Maria Fokas

In The Depths of Darkness, on October the 12th 2013, I decided to begin a journey to discover a world where I could create my own pathways. I had no specific expectations and no idea what I was getting myself into. My reason for creating a Blog was merely to give myself space to free my mind and connect with people who respect their passions.  I did not know then that I would meet so many precious souls who made my journey worthwhile with their visits.  So, this letter is for those who put aside a moment from their busy lives so as to take a look at what I had to say – and then left me gifts wrapped with genuine comments.

On this day I want to thank everyone who invited me into their world by following me.  In a strange and sometimes random world, a kind word can go a long way; maybe life can become sweeter for those we listen, when we notice, and when we let them know that what they say can make a positive difference in our lives. I’ve smiled many a times this past year with beautiful poetry, breathtaking photographs, and stories from the hearts of those whom I’ve had the privilege of following.

This was a year which I can now look back on through the writings I published and recall the moments that made them possible, and I am grateful for that –  I’d like to say thank you for making this experience engaging and unique by breathing life into my journey with your exquisite comments. You filled this Blog with your charm and made this journey better than I ever imagined it could be. I wish you and the ones you love the best this life has to offer.