Maria Fokas/ Photography

And when I stumble upon a scene which takes my breath away  – I stop, and take it. By that very click, I am not yet sure if I am taking something that does not belong to me, or whether it isn’t the image I am immortalizing, but actually, that very second I am witnessing movement in the realm of time. There truly is a story in everything; may it be in color, or the lack of it – may it be concrete, or abstract – a laugh or a cry; the spark of the story will always be there. … Continue reading Maria Fokas/ Photography


EWIAN – Beautiful Lie The time has come tonight. We gonna be free. We gonna lose together what never should be. We´re floating like a feather against gravity. The midnight of ourselves will culminate soon. And if I could, I would save you from hell in man. Save you from the blind hatred and ignorance. And if I could, I would let them feel what you felt, till they break out in tears when they realize what they did. And if I could, I would save you from hell in man. And if I could, I would let them feel … Continue reading EWIAN

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time by Maria Fokas In The Depths of Darkness, on October the 12th 2013, I decided to begin a journey to discover a world where I could create my own pathways. I had no specific expectations and no idea what I was getting myself into. My reason for creating a Blog was merely to give myself space to free my mind and connect with people who respect their passions.  I did not know then that I would meet so many precious souls who made my journey worthwhile with their visits.  So, this letter is for those who … Continue reading Once Upon a Time