The Gardener of Smiling Tears

MartinHanley 2

The Gardener of Smiling Tears by Martin Hanley

Without warning , without warning spiraling down. Who is the whispered mistress of time? Truth and lies; truth and lies. Who sheds a tear for the passing of the light. Tender, sincere this sweet hoarder of the everlasting spine.

Dark lips ache to taste the bound pain of centuries. Coiled beneath the covers she finds herself hidden within. A vast unbound and glowing darkness swamps their fading promises.

Pouting and swaying she casts her spell; the milky way unveiled. Pleading and bound by a disguised charm she offers you the key. No tomorrow, no tomorrow only now today, stay in this moment with me.

Erotic like a raven’s shadow freed, the curving path leads toward the source. The foolish lose their conversation on the wind; only in time to be silent and still. As lovers entwined gather together beneath the aching moon.

This gardener of smiling tears seeds the sky with her beauty falling. Never, forever, now let’s hold the moment again and begin. Immortal sighs dance like blessings beneath her swaying harvest. Divine adulteress caressing the eternal flame and coaxing it slowly.

And soon the glowing woods will stand silent and gather around them. Follow me now she cries rising toward the sky to reveal her hidden glory. Then sinking again beneath this ocean of night, she swallows the oldest pain.

Her eyes never clumsy like yours.

© all rights reserved Martin Hanley Oct 28 th 2014


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