The Window

The Window by Maria Fokas  “This is where I was born; in this very room”, he said, as he packed his things. I had lost count of how many times he had told me. She sat waiting, confined to her sofa bed. He put the last piece of clothing in his rucksack, a neatly folded shirt by her tiny brittle hands, hours before. He took his coat from the chair and put it on. In a fragile voice, she whispered, “When will I see you again?” “I haven’t even left yet, and you want to know when I’m coming back?”, he … Continue reading The Window

Little Boats

Life Boats by Maria Fokas Little boats stippled along the horizon of a golden sea; Inside my head, taintless journeys with innocent intentions – Temporary moments that last forever; recurring with seasons’ comings Tenuous threads that never break, beautifully wrapping wasted space in time Lifeless obstacles beneath the surface; like a vice, never committed Exempt from the fear of loss; I gather my drifted self – Bereft of a farewell kiss; {up in the sky} clouds cover me like an ivory laced blanket; On the day of the dead, my life begins with antithetical inclinations of love – Autumn frosted maple … Continue reading Little Boats

The Promise of Eternity

The Promise of Eternity by Maria Fokas In the winds of the North, thought bares a spark of life In the welcome of the East, the sun embraces morning whispers In the star-lit skies of the West, tiny crystals light the darkness In the heart of the South, desire burns through shadows of fear – A gift; to uncover intention  The cycle of time; to determine a wish Passion in a sin; fire in one love – You are the promise . . .   © Maria Fokas 2015/All Rights Reserved Artist of photograph unknown; Request:Please contact me if name … Continue reading The Promise of Eternity

The Red House

The Red House by Maria Fokas My eyes opened to an empty day: How long has it been, a decade, a century? I swear! Only a day; you’ve been gone one day. The wilderness of silence hovers over me. And that unspoken word, still lingers in my head – You said – good-bye, with the word “Regards” A formality with such powerful blow To hatch the beast that mocks my loss. In the red house  – no enemies remain; no one but me, I lean my head against the window pane; Way above the sky, a warm light comes down! I … Continue reading The Red House


EWIAN – Beautiful Lie The time has come tonight. We gonna be free. We gonna lose together what never should be. We´re floating like a feather against gravity. The midnight of ourselves will culminate soon. And if I could, I would save you from hell in man. Save you from the blind hatred and ignorance. And if I could, I would let them feel what you felt, till they break out in tears when they realize what they did. And if I could, I would save you from hell in man. And if I could, I would let them feel … Continue reading EWIAN

The Clown Sees Clearest

The Clown Sees Clearest By Martin Hanley The clown sees clearest the hidden flaw with a sense of knowing like a ticking clock. Burning embers ignite a raging fire as towering walls come closing in. The iridescent sun flower climbs high, cursing the gathering clouds. On the cold grey ground it forever lays its dark shadow bare. We’re floating on an ocean of happiness yet deep beneath us are depths never constant nor still. For success is times waning blossom; her flowering petals were faded to begin. Where passion and beauty spread their wings is special; caught in a dreamlike … Continue reading The Clown Sees Clearest

An Empty Page

An Empty Page by Maria Fokas There are many tragedies in life, and I am lucky not to have experienced many of them yet. But when I’m lost, I  pretend to be the center of this world; knowing I am not, and the painful secrets surface. I don’t think about those who are worse off than me. When it gets hard, should I be thankful that there are worse hardships out there? Using the unfortunate lives of others to make me feel better about my life, when life is difficult, is not a rational option for me. But I am guilty … Continue reading An Empty Page


LIFE by Maria Fokas I say that the sun comes up no matter what It touches my face and warms my heart I am not jealous that my time is brief   In the darkness when nothing seems to work It makes no difference when the sun comes up So hold on and play the music high   Cause the darkness doesn’t worry About you and I It will keep coming around till we figure it out   Cause in the end We may be surprised That there is no end   Forget those who start the wars they never fight And … Continue reading LIFE

Pictures in the Attic

  Pictures in the Attic  Rose Do you feel the shadows lurking beneath your skin when you lay down to sleep? I feel them every night. Sometimes petrified that it’s because I’ve become an imitation. Could that be it? Isabella I don’t know; maybe you just gave up. Rose Is that what you think?  Isabella To believe that darkness can hide mistakes helps us survive regardless of them. Rose A sham to pretend that eternity matters to someone who hasn’t the faintest idea where they will find the resources to survive from day to day. Isabella And why do you … Continue reading Pictures in the Attic