The Red House

The Red HouseThe Red House by Maria Fokas

My eyes opened to an empty day:

How long has it been, a decade, a century?

I swear!

Only a day; you’ve been gone one day.

The wilderness of silence hovers over me.

And that unspoken word, still lingers in my head –

You said – good-bye, with the word “Regards”

A formality with such powerful blow

To hatch the beast that mocks my loss.

In the red house  – no enemies remain; no one but me,

I lean my head against the window pane;

Way above the sky, a warm light comes down!

I had a dream of a burning life last night.

The moon chanted on,”Everything will be alright.

You will travel through the colors of the light.”

Red, orange and green, or was it blue?

And then, there was you –

 “A decade or a few, but not a century, my lovely tease –

We are only human after all,” you empathized with me.

And then the time of no return arrived;

A slash of regret –

A brutal tear – 

A reminder of you, filled my empty day –

In the red house the hour is long.



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