The Lonely Rock

Fastnet Rock

The Lonely Rock by Maria Fokas

It was the scent of love that kept her near
“Don’t ever leave me,” he whispered (in her ear)
She wanted to stay but her heart had shattered

Their moments wrapped in petals of jasmine

She fought her demons by planting dreams
She sang to the lighthouse across the seas
She hid her cries in quotes of delight
But she never, ever dared – to say good-bye

Her soul weary, drained in vacant words
“Please forgive me, for all I could not be”
She urged her mind to expose her weakness
But what purpose, would such intention serve?

With the autumn rain, the promise of hope teased once again; Days bright, but not for long – There is a time for everything, she recalled. But neither dance below golden leaves of scattered branches, nor grief with all its wisdom, could prevail her to forget the frozen memories; the scent of his whisper.

Her last hour swept her away – But, she never, ever, said good-bye

 Dedicated to M.H.

© Maria Fokas 2014/All Rights Reserved

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