The Chords of my Heart

Henry Asencio 1972 - Ameican Abstract Expressionists painter - Tutt'Art@ - (3)

The Chords of my Heart

From the back roads of my mind;

You tempt my heart to dance again.

You smiled, and said hello,

In the middle of nowhere.

And between the dark and the light,

The warmth of your touch –

Everything you are is new to me;

One more time;

The chords of my heart whisper.

Oh those blue eyes;

Hope in a starry night.


– Artwork: Henry Asencio


Compassion for Time

Compassion for Time

Compassion for Time 

The limitations of compassion,

Let me keep my heart intact.

I have touched your madness,

The curiosity for moments I cared;

But . . .

Those words made of ink,

 Will always be dark.

And words from whispers,

 Which come from the heart,

 Will always love.

All the struggles to survive;

In the distance between us -

But that bright light hiding within;

Never left your side -

So if you ever think back,

And for a split moment sigh;

Do not think twice, 

For you did not offend me.

It was our love which was sacrificed; 

Not us -

Nothing I felt was ever your fault; 

The waves do tend to lure.

Oh those experts full of words of wisdom;

Twist and turn the truths of time.

Respect the past, present, and what is to come.

For every moment is precious; may it be love or pain.

The past; compassion while we walk through thorns of time.

The present; for respect of the story we have yet to find.

The future; to keep hope alive for the moments we dare.

Strength and weakness go hand in hand.

Far from perfect; in the end.

For every day we change;

 But some things,

  I wish stayed the same -

© All Rights Reserved – Photograph: Maria Fokas


EWIAN – Beautiful Lie

The time has come tonight.

We gonna be free.

We gonna lose together

what never should be.
We´re floating like a feather

against gravity.

The midnight of ourselves

will culminate soon.
And if I could,

I would save you from hell in man.

Save you from the blind hatred and ignorance.

And if I could, I would let them feel

what you felt,

till they break out in tears

when they realize what they did.
And if I could,

I would save you from hell in man.

And if I could, I would let them feel

what you felt, till they break out in tears.

I would save you from hell in man.

Save you.
I would let them feel what you felt.

I would let them feel what you felt.


“‘Beautiful Lie’ is about the inability of some people to be empathic and the pain I feel by the knowledge that most of them probably never will be able to reflect foreign thoughts – which is the basis for compassion, one of the virtues which makes us human. This fact is represented in ‘Beautiful Lie’ by the story of a lesbian couple who is haunted by people who see evil in that, and in the end, both women decide to make a double suicide, to reach freedom by death rather than being slaves in the real world. I know that´s very sad, it´s one of my saddest compositions. But I don´t give up the thought that one day all human beings will be able to have compassion. The pictures in the attachment are stills of a video and tell about the moment after the double suicide. Their bodies have transformed into light, floating through a flower field to reach an unkown state of jointly awareness in the end.”


– Ewian




Ewian was generous enough to send me the lyrics of his new song, “Beautiful Lie” before it is actually released. The picture of the flower will be added to the video he is creating for the song. He shared with me, the personal story which triggered his need to create Beautiful Lie, but he’s asked me to hold onto that story, and so I will respect his request. The little time I’ve known Ewian, I’ve come to see the splendor in his heart, and the compassion he has for humanity. He is a courageous man full of hope; determined to contributing to a future where he feels empathy to be the key to our salvation. He has truly captured my heart; expressing the beauty of his soul through his words, lyrics, and music. I am lucky that Ewian found me through ‘In the Depths of Darkness’.

Thank you Ewian; grateful for your trust.

– Maria

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Pachamama Cactus COLLECTION

Flowers in the Rain COLLECTION

Floral Goddess COLLECTION

Enlightenment in Buddhism, a spiritual state marked by the absence of desire and suffering

“The flowers sprout, and bud, and grow, and glow. . . . Like a flower in the summertime, so does our heart take refreshment and bloom. Our body is like a flower that blossoms and quickly withers. . . . Perish relentlessly and bloom once more, ye flowers who tremble and fall and turn to dust”.

– Myths Encyclopedia/Myths and Legends of the World

© Maria Fokas 2014 – Photography/All Rights Reserved