The Chords of my Heart

The Chords of my Heart From the back roads of my mind; You tempt my heart to dance again. You smiled, and said hello, In the middle of nowhere. And between the dark and the light, The warmth of your touch – Everything you are is new to me; One more time; The chords of my heart whisper. Oh those blue eyes; Hope in a starry night.   – Artwork: Henry Asencio   Continue reading The Chords of my Heart

Compassion for Time

Compassion for Time The limitations of compassion, Let me keep my heart intact. I have touched your madness, The curiosity for moments I cared; But . . . Those words made of ink,  Will always be dark. And words from whispers,  Which come from the heart,  Will always love. All the struggles to survive; In the distance between us – But that bright light hiding within; Never left your side – So if you ever think back, And for a split moment sigh; Do not think twice, For you did not offend me. It was our love which was sacrificed; … Continue reading Compassion for Time


EWIAN – Beautiful Lie The time has come tonight. We gonna be free. We gonna lose together what never should be. We´re floating like a feather against gravity. The midnight of ourselves will culminate soon. And if I could, I would save you from hell in man. Save you from the blind hatred and ignorance. And if I could, I would let them feel what you felt, till they break out in tears when they realize what they did. And if I could, I would save you from hell in man. And if I could, I would let them feel … Continue reading EWIAN

Westmont Drive   Pachamama Cactus COLLECTION Flowers in the Rain COLLECTION Floral Goddess COLLECTION Enlightenment in Buddhism, a spiritual state marked by the absence of desire and suffering “The flowers sprout, and bud, and grow, and glow. . . . Like a flower in the summertime, so does our heart take refreshment and bloom. Our body is like a flower that blossoms and quickly withers. . . . Perish relentlessly and bloom once more, ye flowers who tremble and fall and turn to dust”. – Myths Encyclopedia/Myths and Legends of the World © Maria Fokas 2014 – Photography/All Rights Reserved Continue reading