The Flame

The Flame by Maria Fokas Like an Empress of Time, the Flame distorts the mind, dancing her seductive dance, as the wood crackles with each breath. But who keeps track of what is lost, as time goes by. The walls kindle in deep maroon, and time stands still again, then disappears into a darkness, and I dream of impossible things; of distant oceans, under the seas, with gentle crests of endless waves. Soft ripples that caress the sand, then retrieve back into the sea with a soft melody – hidden in the stir of the flame: In a world far … Continue reading The Flame


Rain-Drops by Maria Fokas I peeked out of my window this morning at 6 am. It had been raining all night. The misty damp air said, “Get back in bed”. But I keep my eyes on the rain, where stories come to life. It fervently thrums on roof-tops, and pavements; drip, drop, babble, drum  – accent on the tempo, before another thrum. I make myself some coffee; my lips tease the blend before I take that sip, then I click on the saxophone. I succumb to those sensual pictures from the late 1940s and 50s before my time. They did … Continue reading Rain-Drops

In The Wake

In the Wake by Maria Fokas Your hand was not mine to hold, nor my lips, yours to kiss – But in that world, I held your hand, and you kissed my lips. Through a dark current; you drew in a path; An epiphany soared within a gush of promises. And before me, a wraithlike image distracts my wake. Unbidden streams of clauses – lacing bare-scented gestures. I render the smile in your eyes, the accent in your voice, And everything you claimed that was mine. That path; deep-seated, between the distance of land and sea; How unfortunate that temporal … Continue reading In The Wake

The Bike Ride

The Bike Ride by Martin Hanley Roaring and kissing the wind, Alone yet alive, the landscape greets you. And then you fall and kiss the asphalt, tears of pain well – in your eyes. And your knees weep; blood seeping. Searing the burn begins –  and you remember; your father once cycled over a hundred miles to see a hurling match: A game – a final, when the world was at war. No petrol. Copyright © Martin Hanley July 13 2014 Continue reading The Bike Ride

Line Breaks : Snap

Line Breaks : Snap by Maria Fokas There is a freedom, in the face of truth – whether it is soothing to the heart or not, it will always set you free. You rage against the pain. At first, you don’t understand why. You try to go back, and recount your steps; was it my fault, you might ask yourself. But in time, what made you sad will subside. The scent of sunlight will wash your tears away; the bitter taste, will disappear – I promise you that. And they will resurface; all the dreams you had neglected; as platonic … Continue reading Line Breaks : Snap

Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law by Maria Fokas / Photograph by Martin Hanley And though it seemed that anything could go wrong, That everything would go wrong He looked into my eyes, and claimed he saw lines of red in the brown He said hazel, I said brown . . . He counted my smiles, and spoke of inspiration He asked me; where inspiration comes from  – No, not from the Gods, I said, But from a painful longing that cannot be marked Where touch is absent, and words feel mercy, And comfort never comes too soon © Maria Fokas 2014   Continue reading Murphy’s Law

Moments in Between

Moments in Between by Maria Fokas There is a correctional facility behind these walls, and the lot beside it, has another facility; a high school. And I think about to what extent the latter is responsible for the former’s existence. Or is it the responsibility of the parents to keep those cells empty?  Well, one could say if they are responsible for bringing up doctors,  lawyers and teachers  –  thinkers, artists and builders  –  inventors, storytellers and the nurse who will hold your hand in your darkest moments, then yes, they are also responsible for a few cells in such facilities. … Continue reading Moments in Between

A Touch of Light

  A Touch of Light by Maria Fokas On dark days I attempt to capture the way in which the sun touches the leaves of its trees. I observe the sparks of light on the surface of the water caressing the coasts of homelands, and I know hope is not lost. It resides in the warmth of the light at the end of every tunnel we choose. We win a few, and lose a many – but what makes a difference is getting out of bed on mornings when the world seems cruel; when we see no purpose to anything. Those … Continue reading A Touch of Light

I wonder

I Wonder by Maria Fokas Broken dreams in a recycle bin. Caring with violence; no means to an end. How tragic to claim trust in such a way; to wrap up your love for all kinds of occasions. Mistakes which keep repeating themselves all pile up, for no one to see. The law which keeps conforming to twist the truth – protecting the enemy.  I wonder about all these things.  I wonder how it all started, and if it will ever end. I wonder how to stop it, then laugh at my arrogance to ever think I could. And I … Continue reading I wonder