Somewhere to Begin

If there ever was a song which simply and completely whispered our story to the world – it would have to be this one –

Dedicated to the man who came into my life unexpectedly and changed my world forever. . .

Somewhere to Begin by Maria Fokas 

I will love your ways  –

But at times,

I will be difficult and selfish in my need for your presence –

I will upset you and drive you mad sometimes –

There will be days I won’t understand you –

And there will be days you won’t understand me –

You may question my motives on occasion –

And at times I will have to endure your walls –

I won’t always function as you’d like me to –

But I will not abandon you –

I will be there when you truly need me –

To listen to your sincere explanations for doubting me –

I will accept your rage when you want to express it–

I will bear your craziness and never question the way you choose to love me –

When you want to restore harmony I will stand by your side  –

And when you need to destroy it I will help you –

But if we come to the end of our road I will say goodbye only if you ask me to . . .

I will do all this because I love you, and not because I need you . . .

When I look into your eyes I see a generous man who protects my desires, who takes care of my dreams, and who is there for me when I need a friend and have no words to utter my pain –

Yes, this is the place I’ve been dreaming of . . .

  © 2014 Maria Fokas

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