My share of losing

[Painting by Elizabeth Lisa] My Share of Losing  If I suggest an answer to your everything, You might praise me more than I deserve. I may impress you for a little while, Then, it will be gone; And still, a mystery. If I contaminate your thoughts with my tendencies, I may haze an aching soul determined to escape; Despite the welcome, in a glance of faith. But if my hope gives way to your world, It may come as a stranger in hesitating steps. I have lost many things disguised in words. Oh, but what I have won; Once upon … Continue reading My share of losing

“Forbidden Friendship”

Forbidden Friendship Forbidden Friendship Which starts with enchantment – Which belongs to no one, Which devours its expectations Which feels unique at first glance Which abides by no rules Which traps itself in passion Which begins to fear its existence Which shares a weakness to stray Which keeps secrets from itself Which lies beneath the sins of a broken heart Forbidden friendship; which is deadly to the touch   © Artist Credits Unknown Continue reading “Forbidden Friendship”


Metis  On blossomed branches, Hummingbirds rest in the scented shade. The soil is moist beneath my feet; What an odd place to find myself – No recollection of my treading here. Though it is a time for mourning, neither cries, nor tears to proclaim. A traveler has much ground to cover, and many regrets to misplace. I should have stayed with my first certainty: With no expectations, I would have been spared – As mountain-tops squander their flawless spring waters, Lovers ignore the passing of Time. And with my end so near, I could have shared some truths; Had it … Continue reading Metis

I Know a Cat

I know a Cat by Martin Hanley Dedicated to my old philosophical friend, Master Mouse Hanley I sat there sweltering in a familiar fog; constipated with checking and weighted outcomes. Languid landscapes with questioning answers; an unfocused portfolio has come undone. Then, in he glides supreme; stretching out beneath the dappled light; now reclining. Regally basking like some ancient achromatic shadow; he swallows the fallow sun. Cold blooded catering alerted, a distant ringing or some obscure Sylvan echo, yet I hear none. Starving for hidden treats that well versed others commonly disdain; he remains steadfast smiling. Forever glancing, my philosophical … Continue reading I Know a Cat

Into the Cold

Into the Cold by Maria Fokas This constant thought that there must be someone better out there could be as fraudulent as cotton candy.  The younger you are the more overwhelmingly fluffy and beautifully pinkish it seems at first sight. You become intrigued with  both hue and feel; stickiness I mean. Once you taste it, you want more. You don’t care that you’ve got your hands clammy until you get your tummy full. Then you look around searching for someone to help you get rid of it. What if the idea of better had to do more with coming across someone … Continue reading Into the Cold

Somewhere to Begin

If there ever was a song which simply and completely whispered our story to the world – it would have to be this one – Dedicated to the man who came into my life unexpectedly and changed my world forever. . . Somewhere to Begin by Maria Fokas  I will love your ways  – But at times, I will be difficult and selfish in my need for your presence – I will upset you and drive you mad sometimes – There will be days I won’t understand you – And there will be days you won’t understand me – You … Continue reading Somewhere to Begin

Letting Go

Letting Go by Maria Fokas We all imagine a journey we want to take; one made up of  dreams. But at times in the darkness of failure we forget the point, at least I did today. I wanted to spend the day doing nothing. I wanted to see no one. The phone kept ringing and I didn’t care. I wasn’t going to let anyone in. It was going to be a great day where I would get drunk, and empty my mind of anything remotely connected to dreams. I planned it out perfectly. No one was going to ruin this … Continue reading Letting Go