She knew no other way to live her life before him. Conservative was safe but an underestimated sin. Maybe she was damaged to remember things others could forget. In an unexpected scene devotion became deliverance. He was welcomed by her eagerness to embrace his captivating ways.

But the day she believed she could rest her head on him – his broken words whispered; there is no truth to such a dream. And with his silence he disclaimed all the promises he ever made. And bit by bit, the future he had once uttered, faded away. A sinner she claims to be for believing but harbors no traces of remorse. She keeps her promise to him.

Fractured memories now bring about a peaceful place. She still recalls a time he had charmed her with his generous sage. Regardless of what is lost along the way – something will always remain – and that is her only prayer. She now lives her life indifferent to pleasure and, waits for the wounds of his touch to heal.

For she would rather give up on love than give in to prey. . . destined to give up on him than give in to hate.


© 2014 Maria Fokas

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