An Unmentioned Silence

An Unmentioned Silence An Unmentioned Silence By Martin Hanley

Swept away within a boundless and unmentioned silence. Where the sea arrives, it always returns and we, still troubled by its sharp circumference, remain loyal; forever drowning. Never triumphant, never boasting, but tender like a dark rain that endlessly pours to caress and soothe the souls’ inner fires.

Sweeping away life’s endless woes, forever breaking the chains of time and glory. Its very essence contrives to own us, to charm the reticent, too reluctant and resigned. No heavy stillness can now remain here. No other witness, as twin worlds together combine. Still toiling and turning we reveal life’s special yearning, for the inner journey consumes us most. Where words still hover like moths ascending; no looking back now as our light unfolds…love.

Copyright © Martin Hanley 3/ 18/ 2014 

Waking to be Woken

Waking to be WokenWaking to be woken By Martin Hanley

Numb and shivering, the infernal dam breaks, and I’m wide awake, waking to be woken. Deep noise and strange melodies submit as an angled plane dissects our memories, allowing suspended motion to dominate a single frame of cosmic wonder. Soon to evolve and flow, cresting upon an astral ocean as words drift silently without gravity to slowly transform their unwilling presence.

Still asking immortal questions of our temporal darkness, it’s colorless tendrils complicit, remain our only light. Or was there once a golden principle hidden between worlds, yet forever guiding those willing towards balance within, where quasars still trip the light fantastic and roam the subtle byways of our endless inception. To capture the shimmering rays of a cavalier sun, his countenance given generously with one empirical focus to square our elliptical existence.

Complex and primary these new colors resolve the pain momentarily, teaching us that nothing is ever as it seems. The truth is never truly known or adequately resolved. Everything and everyone reigns in this starry vault. Yet everything is chaotically placed with an ordered sense of time and a never-ending choice. Tainted by love’s human frailty, our case adjourned close’s and begins its journey as we shine translucent through many spheres. Everything without, still mirrored within as the subjective spine arcs and the objective past retreats. Action betrayed till a new day, as another test reveals this journey ending, is forever now a new beginning.

Copyright © Martin Hanley 3/12/2014 


Brevity by Maria Fokas

In the brevity of life, we deal with the absurd

Wired through our days, a hope

The breeze and everything that is – I want to be

A hidden myth that love is suspended –

In the unsustainable flaw of time

What dominant species we have become

Loss is inevitably disturbing me

Genuinely unexpected, but no revelation when it comes

It drops into view leaving a mark in its path

What was previously latent is now everywhere to be found

I hear the perfect patterns of your heartbeat

The precision of its rapid increase, as you touch me

Do the stitches in the cloth that keeps you warm

Allege to own the gaps between their breaks?

Is it you or I, responsible for this love I stumbled upon?

But, in the brevity of life  –

The distance between us casts new light

Could it be in the voice, you speak to me?

Could it be in the innocence you gaze at me?

My vision is wide but I cannot see

I merely behold that you believe in me –

My heart wanders in your kindness

As you subtly leave your scars in my mind

In the brevity of life – long days rush on by

Still, my head counts the ticking in disguise

For an epic love on every hour

And when the night lifts –

A secret act is uncovered

And when the night falls

In every dream you are discovered

In the brevity of life

While, memories filled with loss

Never – mind, for it will fade

And a new tomorrow will be discovered

  • Dedication

© 2014 Maria Fokas 


LIFE by Maria Fokas

I say that the sun comes up no matter what

It touches my face and warms my heart

I am not jealous that my time is brief


In the darkness when nothing seems to work

It makes no difference when the sun comes up

So hold on and play the music high


Cause the darkness doesn’t worry

About you and I

It will keep coming around till we figure it out


Cause in the end

We may be surprised

That there is no end


Forget those who start the wars they never fight

And those who fight them

They never win them


I’m done building walls

I’m done burning bridges

I’m done smiling in the face of lies


I’m done running from my demons, running from the pain

Running from those who claim I’m insane

I think I’ll stick around and welcome my demons


Let them tell me a story or two

Of the real reason they keep coming around

Who knows, I may be surprised

© 2014 Maria Fokas 


PrometheusPROMETHEUS by Maria Fokas

Don’t turn away from life

I hear the whisper of your voice

In the footsteps that I take

I rage and rage…

But it makes no difference either way

Your eyes…smile…laugh… and touch

In the silence between the beatings of my heart

It will always be there

This I promise you my beloved friend:

That in the absence of you

I will remember you the most

What we had and the words that we spoke

I know now – I did discover the impossible

Your soul simply a reflection of mine

First raw and naive

And now the reason I am free

© 2012 Maria Fokas 


The Final Flame

The Final FlameThe Final Flame

by Martin Hanley

Copyright © Martin Hanley 1/29/2014

There is meaningless in knowing where the red thorn has wounded you, As idle performers cast echoes of what once you only knew. And the silver keeps on turning, reflected moon she answers too, While cold morning now is breaking, hollow explanations begin ringing true.

Yet the sea still washes over, past your key a hidden clue. Your term is a short one coming, still you wait for something new, The keening wind performs its duty, stripping the worn providing the new. And in time this light will soften for a better day to come shinning through.



She knew no other way to live her life before him. Conservative was safe but an underestimated sin. Maybe she was damaged to remember things others could forget. In an unexpected scene devotion became deliverance. He was welcomed by her eagerness to embrace his captivating ways.

But the day she believed she could rest her head on him – his broken words whispered; there is no truth to such a dream. And with his silence he disclaimed all the promises he ever made. And bit by bit, the future he had once uttered, faded away. A sinner she claims to be for believing but harbors no traces of remorse. She keeps her promise to him.

Fractured memories now bring about a peaceful place. She still recalls a time he had charmed her with his generous sage. Regardless of what is lost along the way – something will always remain – and that is her only prayer. She now lives her life indifferent to pleasure and, waits for the wounds of his touch to heal.

For she would rather give up on love than give in to prey. . . destined to give up on him than give in to hate.


© 2014 Maria Fokas

A Song to Call my Own

A Song to Call my Own by Maria Fokas

A song to call my own . . .

You asked me why I love you

And a fear of wonder came to mind

If I tell him will he flee?

But then again how can I hide

The most important thing to me?

Is it the way you count my smiles –

Is it the way you hold me when I cry –

Is it how you make me feel alive –

Is it how you promise to protect me –

Is it how you let me be free to breathe –

Maybe the way you call my name –

Or the way you are always near –

Though the oceans keep our love astray –

I love you because  . . .

You make me smile

Because – You listen to my cries

I love you because . . .

You care about how I feel inside

Because –  You  promise me impossible dreams

I love you because . . .

You sing my name in every tune and theme

Because no matter where you are

Whenever I need you  –  you are there

So I tell you, regardless of my universal fear

While hoping you won’t flee –

But if you choose to go because of me

I wish you well in all your journeys

And when you think of me

However far you may dwell

In the silence of the night

Whisper my name . . .

So I know that you are well –

© 2014 Maria Fokas / A Song to Call my Own

Halcyon Days

Halcyon Days by Maria Fokas

To the seven daughters of Alcyoneus

Bear seven peaceful days in rime

Easing warm waves to winter sun

From hand of  Zeus and mouth of Hera

Planting seeds of lushness

In the hearts of sinless lovers

Passion needing no such reminder

From bright wings of kingfishers

Nostalgic flame tis longing pain  

Release the womb

For birth and pleasure

Hath visiting lands and oceans of myth

I welcome the goddesses of love

Whether she be Aphrodite or Danu

I willingly succumb to the latter 

Caged in his command

By undisclosed devotion

To my platonic lover

I yearn to taste his scent

My heart burns with his touch

With his juice of my desire

I risk life for a moments’ bliss

Bringing days of spring

To winter months – 

From ancient worlds

Carved in descendant  hearts

© 2014 Maria Fokas