Brevity by Maria Fokas

In the brevity of life, we deal with the absurd

Wired through our days, a hope

The breeze and everything that is – I want to be

A hidden myth that love is suspended –

In the unsustainable flaw of time

What dominant species we have become

Loss is inevitably disturbing me

Genuinely unexpected, but no revelation when it comes

It drops into view leaving a mark in its path

What was previously latent is now everywhere to be found

I hear the perfect patterns of your heartbeat

The precision of its rapid increase, as you touch me

Do the stitches in the cloth that keeps you warm

Allege to own the gaps between their breaks?

Is it you or I, responsible for this love I stumbled upon?

But, in the brevity of life  –

The distance between us casts new light

Could it be in the voice, you speak to me?

Could it be in the innocence you gaze at me?

My vision is wide but I cannot see

I merely behold that you believe in me –

My heart wanders in your kindness

As you subtly leave your scars in my mind

In the brevity of life – long days rush on by

Still, my head counts the ticking in disguise

For an epic love on every hour

And when the night lifts –

A secret act is uncovered

And when the night falls

In every dream you are discovered

In the brevity of life

While, memories filled with loss

Never – mind, for it will fade

And a new tomorrow will be discovered

  • Dedication

© 2014 Maria Fokas 

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