A Patient Surrender

A Patient Surrender A Patient Surrender By Martin Hanley 

A deep longing awakened

Dreaming from an imagined sleep

She lies still beside me

Hips curving and nestled beneath torn silk

Cupping and forming with heels frozen to the touch

 We strain.

Awakened my eyes gaze and caress

The feminine beauty of her cognitive appeal.

A shifting complex like pressed flowers

Cascading deep and moving to reveal.

Scented like the Raven

Her hair lies fallow on a white sheet

Fields and fields of Egyptian gold

No tomorrow – I whisper

But not gently.

 Only now – as I dive beneath her topographic deep.

Sallow – Smooth – all aglow with musk

Welcome me with the promise of chaotic moments.

Turning as waves rush in

Through eyes darkly open like honey smiling

Her dark lips caress me with passion

A promised taste of forbidden longing.

Rising, head back abandoned she gathers – like a storm

To tease the parched loam.

A dark ecstatic still binds the moment

A welcome reminder that treasure still awaits;

Pending – climbing till almost unbearable; two embers ignite consumed in a single flame.

Turning twisting in a synchronized spiral

Beneath the moon’s tempting path with senses threatening

We crest and pause like sculptures spent

Still touching; cast in tune.

Craving the essential pleasure

A  will to please as seconds pass and roll beneath each other;

No longer bound here,

Waves grow beckoning as wings resonate to a different tune.

Still weightless the edge closes in,

The high ground shifts, and a perfect emptiness; revealed.

 – Dedicated to Anais Nin

Copyright © Martin Hanley 2/21/2014



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