Waking to be Woken

Waking to be WokenWaking to be woken By Martin Hanley

Numb and shivering, the infernal dam breaks, and I’m wide awake, waking to be woken. Deep noise and strange melodies submit as an angled plane dissects our memories, allowing suspended motion to dominate a single frame of cosmic wonder. Soon to evolve and flow, cresting upon an astral ocean as words drift silently without gravity to slowly transform their unwilling presence.

Still asking immortal questions of our temporal darkness, it’s colorless tendrils complicit, remain our only light. Or was there once a golden principle hidden between worlds, yet forever guiding those willing towards balance within, where quasars still trip the light fantastic and roam the subtle byways of our endless inception. To capture the shimmering rays of a cavalier sun, his countenance given generously with one empirical focus to square our elliptical existence.

Complex and primary these new colors resolve the pain momentarily, teaching us that nothing is ever as it seems. The truth is never truly known or adequately resolved. Everything and everyone reigns in this starry vault. Yet everything is chaotically placed with an ordered sense of time and a never-ending choice. Tainted by love’s human frailty, our case adjourned close’s and begins its journey as we shine translucent through many spheres. Everything without, still mirrored within as the subjective spine arcs and the objective past retreats. Action betrayed till a new day, as another test reveals this journey ending, is forever now a new beginning.

Copyright © Martin Hanley 3/12/2014 

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